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Arrow Seed

Arrow Seed was established in Broken Bow, Nebraska in 1946. The company has been under the same family ownership since 1954. Facilities include 60,000 square feet of seed conditioning, distribution and retail space located in Broken Bow. While forage legumes, grasses, and forage and grain sorghums are a major part of the business, related lines of food plots and cover crops are increasingly important to the company and its customers.

Arrow Seed conditions and packages seeds that are well adapted to the area and purchases seed from established companies in other states of those species that cannot be produced economically in Nebraska. As many as 32 different seed species have been conditioned through company facilities in a year’s time. Seed packaging includes the capability to package in small pack bags, bags, totes, and bulk. An up-to-date seed cleaning plant efficiently cleans seed crops of legumes, small grains, grasses, sorghums, and millet. Strict seed handling systems and procedures prevent contamination. Equipment is in place to utilize all physical properties of seed in the conditioning process a product to meet the high standards necessary to carry the ARROW SEED tag.

Forage, Small Grain, and Turfgrass Products are provided to over 150 dealers in Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, and South Dakota. Food Plot Mixes are distributed through a network of Pro-shops, land managers, and retail stores in the Eastern half of the US. Other customers include government agencies, golf courses, landscape contractors, and other seed companies.
As an independent supplier, Arrow Seed selects seed varieties from top breeding programs for performance and adaptation to the Central Plains. The seeds and other products marketed are selected after a thorough and careful evaluation process.

Arrow Seed is responsive. Timely availability of products is critical to ag producers. Distribution is strategically located in the center of the service area. Arrow Seed can react quickly to seasonal changes in crop needs. Storag

Arrow Seed
PO Box 722
Broken Bow, NE 68822
Broyhill, Inc

Since 1946, Broyhill Inc. has been producing innovative, sports turf and golf turf care equipment, refuse vehicles, specialty equipment, ag trailer sprayers, industrial equipment and accessories. Through innovative engineering and rigorous field testing, Broyhill has met and exceeded the ever-increasing expectations of managers in a variety of situations.

Today, Broyhill offers a broad and comprehensive line of turf care equipment, refuse vehicles, sports turf equipment and 1500 gallon ag trailer sprayers with 90 ft. booms. As Broyhill continues to grow in size, so have the areas they serve:

Golf courses – greens brushes, dedicated turf sprayers, utility vehicles, debris blowers, greens mower trailers, bunker sand trap rakes, greens spiker/rollers, walking booms and turf sprayers.
Sports complexes – stadium and field care equipment, turf vehicles, ball field finishers, infield finishers, utility vehicles, super spikers (infields), vacuums, aerators, sprayers and grooming equipment..
Parks and recreation – sprayers, core aerators, litter vacuums, debris blowers, refuse vehicles, and other turf-grooming equipment..
Beach refuse can collection – RefuseMate and Load-and-Pack vehicles for one man garbage can collection in major parks and beaches; Load-and-Pack vehicles have a payback of 2.5 years or less in most cases and reduce worker comp claims significantly..
Ag trailer sprayers – 1250 to 1500 gallon with hydraulic folding booms up to 90 ft. A complete selection for the past 64 years..

Broyhill is committed to providing top of the line equipment at a fair price with exceptional customer service. The ultimate goal is making your job – and you – look great.

Broyhill, Inc
(402) 987-3412
1 N Market Sq,
Dakota City, NE 68731
Fast Grass

Wayne and Marj Meisinger purchased this land near Plattsmouth, Neb., in 1945 and began selling native pasture sod in the 1950s. In the early 1960s, we began our certified sod program, and we incorporated as W-M Farms, Inc. in 1972. Then things really took off!

By mid-1998, we were operating under our current name, Fast Grass, and true to our name, we were soon delivering semi-loads of sod every day to contractors across the Midwest.

As a wholesale supplier to sod contractors only, we can offer superior products and service to our customers, including:

Same-day delivery in the Omaha and Lincoln metro area and surrounding areas
42-inch big rolls (450 sq. ft. per roll)
Delivery capacity of more than 25 semi-truck loads per day
Piggy-back forklift unloading available
18 experienced and dedicated employees to serve you

Fast Grass
14217 Penny Drive
Plattsmouth, NE 68048
Keystone Sod

Keystone Sod grows turfgrass sod for homeowners and contractors in Ogallala, and the surrounding area. Located in the North Platte River Valley at Keystone NE this provides a locally grown sod that is adapted to climatic conditions of this area, thereby assuring greater success when used on local residential and commercial sites.

Keystone Sod
(308) 726-3158
1690 Road East H North
Keystone, NE 69144
Logan Valley Sod

At Logan Valley Sod, you get superior sod and grass for your residential and commercial needs. Get the lawn of your dreams with our sod installation services at competitive prices.

Logan Valley Sod
20315 High Country Cir, Bennington, NE 68007
Metro Sod & Seeding

Metro Sod & Seeding Inc’s has been in business since 1994. We started as a lawn care company and have expanded our services over the years to become a one stop shop. We work with commerical, residential and new construction lawns providing exceptional customer service.We believe that the process of lawn care shouldn’t be a hassle for our customers!

We meet with our clients to ensure we know exactly what they are looking for. Our lawn care professionals listen to our customer needs and we work to create the lawn you’ve always wanted while staying within budget. We strive to ensure that all of our customers are satisfied with our services.

Metro Sod & Seeding, Inc
(402) 730-4421
12701 South 25th Street
Lincoln, NE 68430
Potter Sod Farm

Potter Sod Farm is truly a working family farm. A partnership of two generations of Potters and Jan Wagner (Jack’s father in law) was developed and the end result is a big beautiful yard we look forward to sharing with homeowners and contractors alike.

The Nebraska market grows just like our grass. . . slow and steady. True demand on sod producers, gentlemen farmers and all lawn lovers in our State is water conservation. Turf type tall Fescue is, in our opinion, the answer to “how can I have a lush, beautiful lawn and do my part to conserve water?” Our Fescue has been proven to require 1/3 less water than Kentucky Blue Grass.

Potter Sod Farm encourages you to take advantage of the water savings that Fescue provides, however Kentucky Blue Grass can be made available to you at your request.

Potter Sod Farm
1340 Co Rd F,
Dorchester, NE 68343
Roger Sod Farm

Rogers Sod Farm is located in Lyons, Nebraska just 5 miles east of Lyons, off of Highway 77. We currently maintain and manage three sod fields. Two of them are located in Decatur, Nebraska, which is only about 9 miles east of our Lyons Farm. We raise a special blend of 100% Kentucky Bluegrass that makes our sod especially beautiful. Rogers Sod Farm is a major supplier to Omaha, Nebraska and surrounding area contractors and landscapers. We can also supply sod directly to home owners.

Roger Sod Farm
1960 County Road R
Lyons, NE 68038