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Boswell’s Golf Cars

Lannie Boswell opened Boswell’s Golf Cars Sales in Nashville, TN in 1963. At that time there were several nice golf courses in the Middle Tennessee area, but none offered their players golf cars. Mr Boswell was the first to introduce golf cars to state operated golf courses and Nashville metro golf courses. We provided dedicated customer service to each customer whether they were the owner of one golf car or had a whole fleet.

Since then, Boswell’s Golf Cars has become one of the largest Yamaha golf car providers in the Southeast. However, our goal is to sell, service, rent, and repair all makes and models of golf cars. You can select from the wide range of golf cars we carry, including gas, electric, new, used, and certified pre-owned. We have a golf car that will fit you needs!

The golf car business has drastically changed in the past few years. The standard car has been modified for use on the farm, the manufacturing industry, the entertainment industry, and for personal neighborhood enjoyment. Many subdivisions are using the cars as an eco-friendly alternative to an automobile when driving to a neighbor’s or to stores located within the complex.

We now offer the electric Tomberlin! It is street legal and energy efficient! Buy a new Tomberlin Emerge today and you qualify for up to a 10% tax credit!

You can visit our showroom and discover why we have been in business for over 47 years.

Boswell's Golf Cars
(615) 242-0214
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111 Transit Ave
Nashville, TN 37210
Drexel Chemical Co

There is hardly a crop growing anywhere in the world that would not benefit from a Drexel product. We have the potential to manufacture and distribute more than 500 different products under the Drexel triangle. Ours is one of the most comprehensive lines of agricultural chemicals available. Growers know that they can depend on Drexel for consistent quality at an affordable price. As the best value in the market, Drexel delivers maximum yield at a minimal cost.

Drexel Product Lines
Drexel products fall into the following categories:

Growth Regulators

Drexel Product Formulations
Drexel has positioned itself as a leader in product formulation development. Thus, we provide the above-mentioned products, in the following formulations:

Aqueous Liquids-These formulations are true solutions, whereas the active ingredients are totally dissolved to maximum concentrations in water. Since the active ingredient is already dissolved as a concentrate in water, mixing at field rates is problem-free. Drexel’s aqueous concentrates also contain wetting agents that promote coverage and penetration.

Liquid Flowable Formulations-Flowable formulations are finely ground so that products remain suspended during storage, allowing maximum active ingredient levels to be incorporated into the formulation. Careful design and control of the suspension and dispersion agents in the formulations promote stability and trouble-free spray solutions when mixed at field dilution rates.

Water Dispersible Granules-Dry flowable granules are comprised of finely ground particles in order to achieve maximum dispersion, suspension, and coverage. Drexel’s water-dispersible granules are properly sized for coarse and fine fractions in order to minimize dust and efficient handling and mixing of the product. Our water-dispersible granules contain the highest achievable active ingredient levels obtainable in a water-dispersible granule formulation.

Wettable Powders-Utilizing our unique milling process, Drexel offers a line of wettable-powder formulations that are ground for the lowest achievable particle size for maximum coverage, suspension, and dispersion as a spraying material.

Emulsifiable Concentrates-Drexel’s product line of emulsifiable concentrates are made from very pure organic solvent carriers, which allow maximum active ingredient concentrations to be formulated. Since these are true solutions, no insoluble materials are present, which could result in plugging of nozzles. Careful control of the emulsifier and surfactant properties allow for easy mixing and dispersion of the products in water.

Drexel Chemical Co
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1700 Channel Ave,
Memphis, TN 38106
Memphis Net & Twine

Memphis Net & Twine was founded as a fish net company in 1962 and has been a source of fishing netting, fishing nets, rope, twine and fishing supplies ever since. Beginning in 1988 Memphis Net & Twine began supplying baseball batting cages, baseball backstops, sports backstops, sporting supplies and sporting equipment. Memphis Net & Twine continues to make all types of nets including custom nets for sports nets, industrial nets, aquaculture nets and commercial fishing nets.

Some of our products include:

Fish Nets, Seine Nets, Gill Nets, Trammel Nets, Cast Nets, Fish Netting, Trawls, Rope & Twine

Batting Cages, Backstops, Soccer Goals, Golf Backstops, Golf Backstops, Field Liners and Field Stripers, Bleachers, Fence Screens & Fencing

Memphis Net & Twine
2481 Matthews Avenue
Memphis, TN 38108
Miller Net Company, Inc

We specialize in the manufacture of custom nets for the Sport and Fishing Industries. Because we are a manufacturer, we are able to offer our nets at better than competitive prices since there is no middleman. MILLER NET offers personalized customer service, as well as fast turnaround on all orders.

Miller Net Company, Inc is your source for Nylon Batting Cages, Golf Nets, Soccer Nets, Sock Hitting Nets, Football Goal Post Nets and more! We build nets for all purposes, in all sizes… from the smallest hand nets to the largest stadium-sized Backstop and Barrier Nets. Miller has over 100 years of combined experience in the art of properly hanging nets. We use only the finest materials. That means no second or inferior netting ever.

Miller features a full complement of Fishing Nets and Commercial Fishing Supplies. This includes: Gill Nets, Trap/Fyke Nets, Block-off Nets, Trawls, Tale Race/Recovery Nets, Trammel Nets, Hoop Nets, and Cast Nets.

Miller Net Company, Inc
(901) 744-3804
(901) 743-6580
1674 Getwell Road, Memphis, TN 38111
Propex TeetoGreen

We are extremely excited to introduce the new Propex™ TeetoGreen™ Sustainable Golf Course Solutions collection to help improve the performance and integrity of your golf course. Propex™ TeetoGreen™ includes cutting edge systems for erosion control, shoreline restoration, and slope stabilization throughout the course. The core of the solution is the patented X3® Trilobal Fiber technology to strengthen and reinforce roots and stems of vegetation for resistance to all types of damage-causing erosion.

Prospex TeetoGreen
423 899 5005
1110 Market Street Suite 300
Chattanooga, TN 37402
Sanders Golf

Sanders Golf is a Golf Course Construction, landscape, and Irrigation company which, since it’s inception in 1985, has maintained a tradition of excellence in products and services developed over three generations. This vast experience has been instrumental in keeping us in tune with the latest technology in every facet of the landscape construction industry. Our projects range from landscaping and irrigating apartment complexes, hospitals, major highways, state parks, and universities, to the renovation, and complete construction of sports fields, and golf courses where major sporting events, as well as Major Tournaments are played annually.

Rob Sanders and his brothers, Cole and Earl, were born into the landscape construction industry, and grew up working on projects for their father, Joe N Sanders Jr. Like his sons, Joe was also raised in the industry, and worked with his brothers at Sanders Brothers Nursery, a company founded by his father in the 1930’s. Joe Sanders Jr. received his Bachelor’s Degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Georgia in 1956, is a past member of the American Society of Landscape Architects, and was granted his national registration with the Council of Landscape Architecture Registration Board.

The mission of Sanders Golf is to provide the industry’s highest quality workmanship and service to our clients, by using the industry’s most qualified management. We employ trained, professional personnel, and use the highest quality materials available, furnished by reputable vendors all while providing a safe and professional work environment, with the goal of achieving results that exceed client expectations.

Sanders Golf
(901) 380-7857
(901) 380-7856
2010 Littlemore Drive
Cordova, TN 38016
Tennessee Golf Cars, Inc

Tennessee Golf Cars is a golf car distributor that sells, rents and services golf cars. They even offer a golf car rental service as well as spare parts, accessories and many more.

Tennessee Golf Cars
201 Century Court
Franklin, TN 37064