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AgSource Cooperative Services

AgSource operates three divisions: Agronomy, Dairy Herd Improvement (DHI) and Food and Environmental Services. Its Verona, Wis., headquarters also serves as its dairy record service center. Laboratory locations in the Midwest include Menomonie, Marshfield and Bonduel, Wis., Ellsworth, Iowa, Lincoln, Nebr. and Umatilla, Ore.

AgSource Cooperative Services is a producer-owned cooperative dedicated to providing comprehensive agricultural testing and information services. With the cooperative’s mission in mind – to provide products and services to enhance members’ profitability – AgSource serves members and customers nationwide and internationally.

In 1957 and 1958, a pilot project was developed to machine process DHIA records in Wisconsin. By 1959, 50,000 cows were processed with this technology and Agricultural Records Cooperative (ARC) was formed to provide an effective organization for the expansion of this service. ARC continued to expand and by July, 1965 all Standard (supervised) DHIA herds in Wisconsin were machine processed. In the early 1970’s several local DHI Associations merged with ARC allowing for direct field service. Besides producers who were direct members of ARC, many independent associations paid to have their records processed there as well.

ARC became Wisconsin DHI Cooperative (WDHIC) in 1981 and in 1996 the organization was renamed AgSource Cooperative. In 1993 Cooperative Resources (CRI) was formed by 21st Century Genetics and WDHIC. This structure continued to expand with WDHIC becoming AgSource, 21st Century Genetics becoming Genex, the addition of other A.I. companies, and Central Livestock Association later joining CRI. All three organizations are cooperatives. Besides the CRI cooperative board, each cooperative has their own board of directors and voting delegate structure.

In 1967, the first soil laboratory was opened, and in 1978 a forage and grain testing laboratory was added, expanding the services provided by ARC to more than just DHI testing. In later years, additional laboratories were purchased including a food and environmental laboratory in 2000, and the Belmond, Iowa, Soil Lab in 2002. In 2006, AgSource strengthened its position in the turf market with the acquisition of Harris Laboratories in Lincoln, Nebr.

All AgSource DHI patrons (including members of affiliated county DHI associations) vote for delegates at local meetings. These delegates elect a nine-member Board of Directors at the annual meeting. Directors serve a three year term, set cooperative policies and select two members of the Board to serve on the Cooperative Resources International Board of Directors.

In 1993, state boundaries governing DHI services were eliminated allowing AgSource to offer services outside of Wisconsin. Today, the organization has 6,000 patrons and approximately 200 employees. In addition, AgSource is responsible for training and supporting employees of affiliated independent county DHI associations.

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Verona, WI 53593
Landmark Golf Course Products

In May of 2002, the Founders of Landmark Golf Course Products came together with an idea for a company that would blaze a new trail in the exterior fixtures and furniture market for the golf course industry. Determined to build a natural product appropriate for a game that both incorporates and reveres its own natural surroundings, we developed the very first comprehensive line of exterior hardwood furnishings and amenities for the industry.

By July of that same year, our very first Rinowood™ products were built, and a whole new way of looking at golf course furnishings was about to begin.

As a result of our tireless efforts to adapt and constantly improve upon our products, our sustained reputation for customer service in the industry, and our tremendous flexibility to personalize and customize to our clients’ needs, today Landmark finds itself as the leading manufacturer of fine outdoor furnishings for the golf course industry worldwide.

Our philosophy has always remained the same—make the products that our clients want, and make them better than anyone else!

It’s easy to see why our golf course furnishings can now be found on over 50 of the Top 100 Golf Courses in America*, more than a dozen facilities that have at one time held, or currently hold Major Golf Championships, and many more clubs spanning five continents, 36 countries, and every state in the United States.

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Muskego, WI 53150
Prestwick Golf Group

In May of 1997 Matt Morse, founder and CEO, and his passion for the game of golf led him to begin doing business as Great Lakes Golf Course Products and commenced manufacturing in a small (750 sq. ft.) building in Nashotah, WI. Matt became aware that the golf courses he played had a need for more upscale, premium looking furnishings and by the end of the first year the company offered over fifty selections and outgrew its original facility.

At this time, most high end golf courses were using furnishings, signs, and course accessories that did not meet the standards of the course itself and were not in line with the course’s image. Great Lakes Golf Course Products had found a “niche” by manufacturing and supplying upscale, truly “green” site furnishings that were tailored and customized based on individual customer needs. All these furnishings were made of 97% pure, premium grade re-cycled plastic originating from discarded milk jugs.

In 2006, this visionary entrepreneur renamed the company The Prestwick Group, Inc. which is now located in a 60,000 sq. ft., state-of-the-art building, located in Sussex, WI. The company currently employs over 75 people and has become a “family of brands” proudly manufactures premium quality and custom tailored outdoor furnishings to the golf, hospitality, corporate, healthcare, education, government and food service markets. It’s mission is to design and deliver earth friendly innovative products that will enhance the user’s property.

The Prestwick Group, Inc. family of brands includes The Prestwick Golf Group, Prestwick Limited, max.r and Nex.terra. The company has experienced fantastic growth over the first 15 years and in 2012 surpassed $100 million in sales. It has done business in all 50 states and 54 countries worldwide. The Prestwick Group, Inc. is committed to providing sustainable furnishing solutions to customers through its unique designs, innovation, and time-honored craftsmanship.

Prestwick Golf Group
W248 N5499 Executive Dr
Sussex, WI 53089
Red Flint Sand and Gravel

Red Flint Sand and Gravel delivers the finest water filtration and well pack media in the world. It is recommended by major well screen manufacturers and engineering water consultants alike. Red Flint specializes in meeting the tightly controlled specifications for water filtration while also filling your well pack, industrial sand, and epoxy filler needs. Our water filter sand and pool sand meet the exacting standards set for drinking water and pool water filtration media.

Red Flint Sand and Gravel is produced in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, the land of clear water, where there is an abundant source of glacial deposit materials. French voyagers named the city for its clear rivers and marveled at the region’s natural resources. Today the water is still clear, the area is still beautiful, and the natural mineral resources are used worldwide in municipal, residential, and industrial water treatment facilities.

Since 1917, Red Flint Sand and Gravel has utilized Eau Claire, Wisconsin’s natural geological resources and formations to become a leading industrial minerals producer. Founder A.O. Ayres operated the company on the principles of offering high quality products and exceptional service.

Red Flint Sand and Gravel quickly realized the world’s demand for clean filtration media and began offering Eau Claire’s naturally clean filtration media to municipalities and industries everywhere. Now, Red Flint Sand and Gravel sets the standard for meeting the stringent requirements of drinking water.

The commitment and dedication to the founding principles remain the same today— to provide customers the highest quality products and an unmatched level of service. These principles have earned Red Flint Sand and Gravel an outstanding reputation in the markets we serve.

In response to changing market conditions, we seek innovative approaches to enhance our relationships with clients. These principles are the core of our business philosophy.

Red Flint Sand and Gravel
615 Short Street
Eau Claire, WI 54701

In the Golf market, Watertronics is a leader offering cutting-edge technologies that provide superior irrigation results. Working closely with golf course owners, superintendents and designers, we deliver pump systems that result in vibrant greens, lush roughs, exceptional fairways, and gleaming ponds and lakes.

Watertronics provides unique and personalized solutions to every client in the Golf market. Our proprietary features and patented products including Watervision® remote monitoring, VirtualVision intuitive touchscreen controls, stainless steel impellers, and high-efficiency motors are among the list of what sets Watertronics apart from the competition.

Innovation and Efficiency

Watertronics pumping solutions provide time and energy saving features that ultimately extend the life of the product – and the overall enjoyment of the golf course. We utilize Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) to regulate water pressure and replace over-irrigation with intelligent irrigation and precision pump control, often helping reduce our customers’ energy costs by up to 25%.

The Watertronics Promise

Watertronics remains dedicated to ensuring that any product we manufacture will continue to operate smoothly after it leaves our facility. All Golf pump stations are backed by our highly specialized staff and the ongoing support of the Pump Service Network. We are committed to the quality of our products, which has resulted in best-in-class longevity and less down time than any other manufacturer.

Global Outlook

Internationally, through partnerships and idea-sharing with clients on nearly every continent, we have developed a unique understanding of techniques designed to treat varying climates. From the wettest regions of Costa Rica to the driest areas of Abu Dhabi, our expertise positions Watertronics as a pioneer in global Golf irrigation solutions.

525 E. Industrial Dr.,
Hartland, WI 53029
Yunker Plastics, Inc.

Established in 1988, Yunker Plastics, Inc. is internationally recognized for quality to manufacturing, distribution and installation of pond liners for wholesale and retail applications.

We pride ourselves on our team of professional pond management consultants who are ready to assist you in designing your ponds and hazards. We are always available to help you find the pond liner and products to best fit your application. EPDM GEOMEMBRANE’s™ resiliency provides flexibility in pond design and can be easily shaped to fit the unique contours of your pond, giving you much more creative design versatility. All products used in water hazards and irrigation ponds are fish friendly, flexible, durable and weather-resistant.

We pride ourselves in the workmanship and care that goes into planning and designing your water hazards and irrigation ponds. We look forward to working closely with your staff to ensure your expectations are exceeded.

Yunker Plastics, Inc., offers a variety of pond liners to meet your specific landscaping needs. Our premier liner is EPDM GEOMEMBRANE™ by Firestone, a non-crystalline material that contains no plasticizers that can migrate and lead to premature membrane failure, causing brittleness with aging. This material can be used in small or large ponds. Firestone EPDM GEOMEMBRANE™ liners are covered with a pro-rated 20-year warranty.

Aqua-Weve™ is another choice for a pond liner, when conditions are appropriate, as it has a reinforced polyolefin fabric that provides superior strength without added weight. It is a durable, versatile, and flexible pond liner which is incredibly lightweight for easy handling and installation. Aqua-Weve™ is non-toxic, temperature stable, and fish-safe. We can manufacture large liners in sections up to two acres in-house, minimizing the need for field seaming.

Yunker Plastics, Inc.
251 O’Connor Drive
Elkhorn, WI 53121