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Cutting Edge Grass

Cutting Edge® Brand Products – products designed with your household or commercial business in mind. Our products are currently sold through large and medium retail stores, Lawn & Garden Centers, online via specialty retail shops as well as in the Wholesale Market.

Cutting Edge® Brand Products started out as many other companies do – we recognized a problem in lawn care maintenance – every year you have to seed over and over – seed, fertilize, water, mow – it never ends. We worked diligently through product research and development for many years to provide a beautiful, dense, truly low maintenance lawn – a lawn that would require less maintenance as time goes on. We work hard every day in business; we do not want to go home to another business – the business of taking care of the lawn every week. It costs money, time and labor – all of which we expend at work every day. We just want to relax!

Cutting Edge Grass
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