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Dakota Peat

From golf and sports turf management to greenhouse production and master gardening, the DAKOTA Peat Soil & Plant Enhancer is the solution for your success. This easy-to-use, highly concentrated organic growth enhancer works harder so you don’t have to, by encouraging your system to grow through improved water retention and feeding abilities for a superior end result.

A highly concentrated organic material ideal for soil conditioning and growing, DAKOTA Peat Soil & Plant Enhancer is of the finest quality, made from selected deposits and carefully processed to maintain its excellent, agronomic horticultural attributes. Its unique cellular structure resists further decomposition, allowing the blend to last longer in soil, and provides successful growth through exceptionally high plant feeding abilities. These are essential for development of the plant’s root system as well as air and water balance, making DAKOTA Peat Soil & Plant Enhancer an ideal soil conditioner and growing medium for plants of all types in a variety of applications.

Whatever your needs may be, from golf and sports turf construction or maintenance to nursery horticulture and everything in between, the DAKOTA Peat Soil & Plant Enhancer is here to help your business grow.

Maintain plants and turf with less water using DAKOTA. Our DAKOTA Peat Soil & Plant Enhancer acts a natural insulator against evaporation, reducing heat stress and field loss through its unique hydrophilic characteristics. Additionally, the heavy-duty organic soil conditioner is completely processed to provide users with excellent mixing to reduce or eliminate the need for special equipment. This uniform mixing also makes for more effective use of its plant feeding abilities and water relationship, which in turn also reduces fertilization and irrigation needs.

Dakota Peat
833 Gateway Dr NE, East Grand Forks, MN 56721
Rivard’s Turf & Storage

Rivards Turf & Forage is a premier full service distribution seed company that specializes in premium turf grass seed mixtures, high yielding forage seed, alfalfa hay & pasture grass seed, quality native grass and forb seed, wildlife food plot seed, and turf grade fertilizers, chemicals, and other turf related specialty products.

Rivad's Turf & Forage
3150 – 27th Ave. N.
Grand Forks, ND 58203