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Bio Green

Bio Green Fertilization Service is a nationally branded Lawn, tree, shrub, weed and pest spraying company that focuses on bringing health and vigor to your entire landscape. The company was founded in 2006 as a Spray service in Reno Nevada with the goal of reducing nutrient pollution and providing a safe, effective and affordable alternative to existing service companies. With these principles, the company was able to grow at a fast rate and garner the interest of other companies in the region. Soon after, the License model for Bio Green was born.

The Licensed Service Providers are trained and supported by Bio Green USA Inc. Our extensive knowledge of horticulture, customer service, soil science, and marketing, aid our Licensees in growing a successful business. When you do business with Bio Green, you are getting local knowledge and unique applications geared directly to your area and growing zone.

Our products are made by Bio Green USA in Greensboro, Georgia. These products are exclusive to Bio Green Licensed Service Providers and are changing the way the industry sees lawn fertility. As a company, we are 100% phosphorus free and use substantially less Nitrogen than conventional methods.

The company’s products build soil fertility year after year and produce incredible results.

The company continues to forge the way in advanced fertility methods for lawn and tree care. By becoming a customer of their services, you will enjoy a beautiful lawn and landscape, a benefit to the environment, and the pleasure of working with local business owners.

Bio Green
1490 Airport Road, Greensboro, Georgia 30642
Dakota Peat

From golf and sports turf management to greenhouse production and master gardening, the DAKOTA Peat Soil & Plant Enhancer is the solution for your success. This easy-to-use, highly concentrated organic growth enhancer works harder so you don’t have to, by encouraging your system to grow through improved water retention and feeding abilities for a superior end result.

A highly concentrated organic material ideal for soil conditioning and growing, DAKOTA Peat Soil & Plant Enhancer is of the finest quality, made from selected deposits and carefully processed to maintain its excellent, agronomic horticultural attributes. Its unique cellular structure resists further decomposition, allowing the blend to last longer in soil, and provides successful growth through exceptionally high plant feeding abilities. These are essential for development of the plant’s root system as well as air and water balance, making DAKOTA Peat Soil & Plant Enhancer an ideal soil conditioner and growing medium for plants of all types in a variety of applications.

Whatever your needs may be, from golf and sports turf construction or maintenance to nursery horticulture and everything in between, the DAKOTA Peat Soil & Plant Enhancer is here to help your business grow.

Maintain plants and turf with less water using DAKOTA. Our DAKOTA Peat Soil & Plant Enhancer acts a natural insulator against evaporation, reducing heat stress and field loss through its unique hydrophilic characteristics. Additionally, the heavy-duty organic soil conditioner is completely processed to provide users with excellent mixing to reduce or eliminate the need for special equipment. This uniform mixing also makes for more effective use of its plant feeding abilities and water relationship, which in turn also reduces fertilization and irrigation needs.

Dakota Peat
833 Gateway Dr NE, East Grand Forks, MN 56721
HydroStraw LLC

HydroStraw, LLC is a customer oriented erosion control products and hydroseeding mulch company, providing the latest in innovative erosion control technologies. Our goal is to produce quality erosion control products while providing superior service and customer satisfaction. We constantly strive to offer the best possible solution for your erosion control needs. We are small enough to provide service far better than that of the corporate giants, yet at the same time we offer the wide base of knowledge, products and expertise that our customers require.

HydroStraw, LLC is your hydroseeding mulch company dedicated to helping its customers use our cutting edge erosion control products technologies, services and technical expertise to meet their individual erosion control needs in a cost-effective manner. HydroStraw, LLC provides comprehensive recommendations on product selection, application rates and specifications for our customer’s projects. Our full-service, value-added approach insures that our customers receive a solution that conforms to their specific needs and requirements for each and every project. However, our services don’t stop there. We also offer hands-on demonstrations and training seminars to ensure that you and your staff know how to make effective use of our products through our strong distributor network throughout the country. The best way to ensure you are at the leading edge with innovative erosion control solutions is to plan ahead and partner up with HydroStraw, LLC. Let us help make you more effective in your market with products that provide uncompromised results and a cost effective method to do more work in less time. Let HydroStraw, LLC help you meet your erosion control challenges.

HydroStraw LLC
22110 S. State Route 27 Rockford, WA 99030
Nature Safe

At Nature Safe, we enable green industry professionals to improve the vitality, sustainability and profitability of golf courses, lawns and landscapes, organic farms, sports turfs, nurseries and greenhouses. Our fertilizer solutions, manufactured from animal feed and animal proteins, offer the highest concentration of organic nutrition available in a commercial fertilizer. This is our way of contributing to a more sustainable world.

As a part of Darling Ingredients, the world’s leading developer and producer of sustainable organic ingredients, we are committed to help meet rising demand for food, feed, fuel and fertilizers. At Nature Safe, we work hard to ensure that we offer our customers high-nutrition ingredients through unmatched sustainability innovations, by deriving our raw materials from (organic) residuals. Our residuals-to-resources concept is one of many ways Darling Ingredients is making a difference.

Nature Safe
(800) 252-4727
251 O’Connor Ridge, Ste. 300
Irving, TX 75038