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The moment you step on a TurfHound Tee Surface, you can feel the amazing difference compared to a conventional golf mat. It’s just like you’re standing on natural turf. Swing a club, hit a ball and the sensation continues. There’s no club-head bounce as you swing down and through the ball. No painful shocks to your wrists, elbows and shoulders. You can drive off your own tee set at any height. Or use your irons and work on all parts of your short game, just as you would off healthy natural turf – the only difference you’ll notice is there’s no divot to replace!

TurfHound is in a league of its own providing the same swing mechanics, ball response and shot results as hitting from fairways or rough on natural turf. TurfHound produces the most realistic, versatile and durable synthetic golf surfaces in the world base on our patented Active Foam Technology. It feels like and plays like you’re standing on natural turf. Swing a club, hit a ball and the sensation continues.

Available as individual Tee Stations, on-course Tee Boxes, and continuous Tee Lines, the secret of the TurfHound surface is the combination of its proprietary foam core, embedded in a unique urethane blend, covered with the finest grass layer available. TurfHound surfaces accurately simulate the feel and performance of healthy natural turf. While ordinary golf mats focus their attention on the hitting surface, TurfHound’s creators have replicated the physical dynamics and response of natural turf embodied in the top 1/4″ to 1/2″ of soil. You can practice your swing again and again on a TurfHound surface, then step onto the fairway and enjoy the same swing dynamics on natural turf. As many pros will tell you, TurfHound surfaces are by far the most authentic representation of natural, healthy turf they’ve ever hit from.

This enthusiastic response to TurfHound since its launch has resulted in installations at prestigious courses around the nation including Pebble Beach Golf Link in California, Royal Montreal Golf Club in Quebec, Bay Hill Country Club in Florida, Baltusrol Country Club in New Jersey, North Fork Country Club in New York, Wade Hampton Golf Club in North Carolina, Aronimink Golf Club in Pennsylvania, Woodmont Country Club in Maryland, Bellerive Country Club in Missouri, Colonial Golf Course in (FW) Texas, Boston Golf Club in Massachusetts, Merion Golf Club in Pennsylvania, and The Country Club in Ohio.

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