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Agra Turf

Agra Turf is located in Searcy, Arkansas, which is one hour north and east of Little Rock, Arkansas on highway 67/167. We service accounts in 11 states from our centrally located warehouse and have a dedicated sales staff to help you with your every need. Our sales staff has almost 200 years combined experience to help you deal with turfgrass problems on golf courses, sports fields, lawncare situations – you name it, if you grow or deal with turfgrass, we have the solution for you.

Agra Turf was established in 1972 by Ron Fisher and sons and has grown into a well respected, regional distributor of fertilizer, pesticides, golf course accessories, safety equipment – pretty much if it pertains to turf and ornamentals, we have it. As a family run business, we put an emphasis on the customer and the specific needs of that customer and treat them like family also. Our dedication to customer service has been a key to our success for many years.

Agra Turf is a mainline distributor for all of the major turf chemical and fertilizer companies -Syngenta, BASF, Bayer, Andersons, Lebanon, Howard Johnson Inc., Dow Agro Sciences, Par Aide, Standard Golf, PBI Gordons, Monsanto, Nu Farm, Cleary’s Chemical Co., Gandy Equipment, Turface Products, Clinolte, Dakota Peat, Roots Inc, Grigg Brothers, Nature Safe, Seed Research of Oregon and much, much more.

Agra Turf
PO Box 9168
Searcy, AR 72145
American Excelsior Company

For more than a century, American Excelsior Company (AEC or American Excelsior) has manufactured and distributed products for packaging, cushioning, engineered foam specialties, erosion control, and a wide variety of engineered wood fibers. AEC’s nationwide manufacturing and distribution capabilities ensure efficient delivery from 8 distribution centers across the country.
Company Overview

AEC’s facilities are equipped with the latest technology and equipment to guarantee quality production of a wide variety of wood fiber excelsior and straw products, foam cushioning, and engineered and molded foam specialty products. Our high caliber logistics team ensures timely delivery and distribution operations to meet customer needs and maximize efficiency, while a dedicated sales force remains focused on refining and delivering solutions to a broad range of businesses and customers worldwide.

Headquartered in Arlington, TX, we pride ourselves on customer responsiveness and accessibility. Today, 8 distribution centers and 5 manufacturing plants across the country employ hundreds of people, all dedicated to providing our customers with the latest solutions to their packaging, custom foam, evaporative cooling, and erosion control needs.

We are proud to say that the vast majority of our products are 100% made or grown in the U.S. and produced with American labor.

850 Avenue H East, Arlington, Texas 76011

AutoVerters is a family owned corporation that was founded in 1975. Our facility is located in Roanoke Rapids, NC, just 10 minutes off Interstate 95 and 35 minutes from Interstate 85. Our building contains 88,000 sf of manufacturing and warehouse space. Most of our equipment has been manufactured in house, giving us the flexibility of converting machinery to meet your specific needs.

Our product list includes

Frost Covers
Golf Green Covers
Row Crop Covers
Athletic Field Covers
Sod Staples
House wrap
Erosion Control
Drain Sleeves
Road Underlay
Curing Tents
Bags, Sand Socks
Pillow Cases

Over the years, AutoVerters has contracted with companies such as
AutoVerters serves many markets including but not limited to:


2212 W 10th St.
Roanoke Rapids, NC 27870
BEI Hawaii

BEI Hawaii traces its beginning to 1890, when a small Honolulu company began importing albatross guano from the Pacific’s remote Laysan Island. As sugar and pineapple grew into major agricultural industries in Hawaii, the company expanded its line of products to include commercial fertilizers and crop protection products.

In 1927, the company, then known as Pacific Guano and Fertilizer Company, opened a branch on the island of Hawaii, following later with additional facilities on Maui and Kauai. The company began blending its own fertilizers on all major islands. Its Laboratory Services Division in Papaikou on the island of Hawaii became an important resource for soil and plant tissue analysis, paving the way for custom blended fertilizers. By the 1930’s, Hawaii became the world’s most efficient grower of sugarcane and pineapple. Our fertilizer and specialty chemical brand, Gaviota, became synonymous with these crops.

Building on that expertise, the company, under several name changes, took on the challenges of Hawaii’s growing diversified agricultural business. Known as Brewer Chemical, and later as Brewer Environmental Industries, the company became the primary manufacturer of fertilizers for Hawaii’s major plantation crops – sugar, pineapple and macadamia nuts. Today, seed corn is the dominant agricultural crop and we continue to be a principal supplier for their specific crop needs.

The world also knows Hawaii as a world class travel destination. BEI Hawaii successfully became the primary supplier of fertilizers, chemicals and sand to Hawaii’s golf course and landscape markets. BEI Hawaii pioneered the use of high grade silica sands for golf courses and continues to provide USGA sand and custom blended rootzone mixes for new golf course construction, renovations and ongoing maintenance requirements.

BEI Hawaii
(808) 532-7401
311 Pacific Street
Honolulu, Hawaii 96817
Erosion Restoration

Erosion Restoration, LLC is turn-key multi-discipline international design-build environmental company which focuses on erosion issues using non-structural, bio-engineering and bio-technical methods for shoreline restoration, erosion control and coast protection.

Established more than a decade ago we employ civil, structural, geo-technical, surveying, environmental and other professionals, providing viable customized solutions and highest level of service through innovation in engineering design, advancement and patenting of materials, scientific research and development of new construction technologies.

In Erosion Restoration, LLC. we are committed to helping each of our clients to achieve their objective while staying within budget by providing quality work in a timely manner. Over the years we have provided a level of service that goes beyond the norm. We have the expertise, resources, technology, and collaborative insight to create designs and solutions that far exceed our client’s expectations. Due to our extensive experience in resolving various erosion problems around the nation, Erosion Restoration is proud to guarantee 100% satisfaction on ALL projects.

Erosion Restoration’s comprehensive experience, outstanding responsiveness, and fiscal conscientiousness have made us innovative leaders in our industry. We have a proven track record of providing the best erosion control solutions to golf courses, country clubs, governmental agencies, municipalities, home owner associations, and other private entities nationwide.

Erosion Restoration
(954) 327-3300
5601 Powerline Road, # 306 Fort Lauderdale. FL 33309
Farley & Son Landscaping

Farley & Son Landscaping is a family-owned business founded in 1974 by David Farley in Rockport, Maine. David, along with a small crew of approximately a dozen people based out of his home garage on Union Street in Rockport, would perform general maintenance work and mow lawns for their clients.

In 1988, David and Carole Farley purchased Hoboken Gardens, a florist and garden center located on Route 1 in Rockport, which expanded the business into a year round enterprise. Over the years, their three children have joined the growing family business. Through a focus on quality workmanship and service, Farley & Son Landscaping has expanded its business from a small lawn and garden company to a company that offers a wide range of complete landscape services.

Farley and Son Landscaping continue to maintain a strong sense of family as a family owned and run business. Loyalty of clients and staff are maintained by a vision of the future mixed with an awareness of the value of service and quality.

Farley & Son Landscaping
(207) 236-4787
211 West Street
Rockport, Maine 04856
Jirik Sod Farms

We here at Jirik Sod take pride in our product. We hand select the seed blends, custom made to our specifications to ensure that our customers get the best quality product we can produce. We have been in the industry for well over 30 years and enjoy what we do.

Let us know how we can help you achieve a beautiful lush green healthy lawn for years to come. We look forward to speaking with you.

Jirik Sod Farms
20530 Blaine Ave
Farmington, MN 55024
Kurtz Bros., Inc.

Kurtz Bros., Inc. employees take pride in the company’s strong family tradition, history of growth and innovative approach to problem solving in the “green industry”. With over 65 years of experience, Kurtz Bros., Inc. is a pioneer in caring for Ohio’s environment and natural resources. Using specialized techniques in resource management and sustainability, we produce the finest topsoils, mulches and composts for beautiful yards and gardens. As a multi-faceted industry leader committed to excellence in customer satisfaction, our company will continue to provide innovative products and solutions to the waste-to-resource and soil-related industries we serve.

With Northeastern Ohio distribution centers in Avon, Garfield Heights, Valley View and Willowick, and three locations in Columbus, Kurtz Bros., Inc. offers quality landscape materials, and more, to landscape professionals and home owners. Specializing in waste to resource solutions, Kurtz Bros., Inc. employs a Certified Professional Soil Scientist, LEED Green Associates and ICPI (Interlocking Concrete Paving Institute) certified instructors and also provide expertise in storm water management.

A diverse company, Kurtz Bros., Inc. provides quality products and services encompassing both the landscape and construction industries. At our construction demolition fill, we operate a MRF (material reclamation facility) which enables us to reclaim and recycle materials which in turn helps our customers earn LEED credits. Our container service also provides opportunities for us to remain responsive to the environmental and social needs of the community.

Kurtz Bros., Inc. continues to earn an excellent reputation for serving construction, demolition and recycling needs of industries throughout Ohio. Finding beneficial reuse opportunities for what others consider waste is what keeps us, and the industries we help, remain sustainable. We have a wide range of solutions that incorporate recycled materials. These actions help to extend the life of bulging landfills and tremendously benefit our fragile environment.

Today, Kurtz Bros., Inc. keeps service, manufacturing, and transportation groups, operative statewide. The landscape division offers products ranging from topsoil, mulches, and composts to paving stones, and everything in between. On the industrial side, construction fill, sand and recycled aggregates are top products. Our long-standing service of providing for Ohio’s landscaping needs, and protection of environmental interests remains our highest priority.

Kurtz Bros., Inc
(216) 986-7000
6415 Granger Road Independence, OH 44131
Lake and Wetland Management, Inc

Lake and Wetland Management, Inc, is a full service environmental resource management team that has been providing the highest level of service since 1992. Our family of State-certified, trained biologists have been providing environmental services for waterways, wetland management, lake management and natural areas throughout Florida, leading the industry of environmental services. We have an exemplary reputation with many government agencies, builders, developers, property managers and homeowner associations.

We have 10 offices that are spread out in South Florida to cover any area that a wetland, lake, or pond needs to be managed. All of the offices specializes in the requirements and laws of the environment. Our main Lake and Wetland Management office in Boynton Beach is where we locally train all of our staff and own our own nursery that grows both aquatic and land plants.

Our staff goes into everywhere from overgrow shrubbery to the deepest parts of lakes to perform the tasks needed to ensure overall quality of a wetland. We are is fully insured, carrying coverage to protect our customers, including workman’s compensation, liability and property damage.

The erosion of many lakefront shorelines incurs great costs of both beauty and ecology. Here at Lake and Wetland Management, we specialize in preventing these losses, and the only product we trust to get the job done is Shoresox erosion control.

The Shoresox system is not only an industry leader in erosion control, but it is also the most eco-friendly and adaptable solution. Bio-engineered to immediately curb erosion and stabilize the shoreline, Shoresox allows us to restore your lakefronts and waterways to their former health and aesthetic appeal!

(561) 735 – 3732
(561) 735 – 0516
9218 87th Place South
Boynton Beach, FL 33472
Lake Masters

Lake Masters Aquatic Weed Control, Inc., one of Florida’s largest lake management companies, is a stable, yet constantly growing, company that attributes its success to its people and its concern for the welfare of its customers. Lake Masters’ main business is providing lake management and aquatic weed control services for its customers. That means having knowledge of the needs of its customers and the best available tools for serving those needs. We can do that because our people are highly experienced, stay up to date on emerging technologies, and are dedicated to providing the highest levels of customer service in the areas of lake weed control, pond algae control, etc.

Lake Masters has put together a team of employees with hundreds of years of combined experience. In addition, we attend educational seminars and meetings that allow us to be knowledgeable about any new techniques or herbicides that become available. We also participate in helping educate others in our industry so that we can share what we have learned and help improve our industry as a whole. These efforts, along with our experience has led to Lake Masters being recognized for excellence, and led to Bill Kurth, our Director of Operations, receiving several awards, including Best Management Practices in 2005, Applicator of the Year in 2007, and Sustainable Leadership in 2010 from SePRO Corporation, the leader in research and development of aquatic herbicides in the United States. Lake Masters has also participated in national advisory panels and conference calls with the EPA to help promote our industry. Lake Masters is dedicated to providing clean, healthy lakes for the good of our customers and our environment.

(877) 745-5729
(772) 220-6603
P.O. Box 2300
Palm City, FL 34991

Nilex is a leader in the geosynthetics industry providing innovative solutions to support the unique challenges of civil, resource and environmental construction projects. Since 1977, the company’s engineered, technically advanced geosynthetic materials have provided customers with smart choices and proven alternatives to conventional construction practices for less money.

Our smart, environmentally conscious solutions are used in road building, Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) solutions for grade changes, erosion and sediment control, water management and containment. Using our proprietary Innovation Calculator, we can calculate the dollar savings and carbon reductions achieved (versus traditional construction methods) by implementing Nilex’s engineered geosynthetic materials in your project. In virtually everything we do, Nilex is able to provide our customers with three distinct and concurrent benefits – economic, technical and environmental. We call this Nilex’s three-legged stool.

The company has offices throughout Canada in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Abbotsford, Vernon, Regina, Saskatoon and Toronto, as well as US offices in Denver, Colorado and Salt Lake City, Utah. With over 38 years’ experience, a long-standing commitment to the environment and highly qualified staff, we deliver a broad range of products and technologies that lessen the environmental impact of a project while providing an economic advantage to our clients.

Nilex has been serving the Rocky Mountain Region since 1988. Centrally located in southern Denver, our team has the ability to quickly serve our clients throughout the region with solutions for their projects. Nilex’s Denver office serves not only the Colorado area, but also the states of New Mexico, Arizona, Wyoming, Montana and Utah.

15253 East Fremont Drive
Centennial, CO 80112
Organic Earth Industries

“It is estimated that one-sixth of the world’s soils have already been degraded by water and wind erosion. Land-use change is a direct and immediate cause of erosion: most changes of land use unfortunately increase the risk of erosion.”

Erosion control is a growing problem.

Today’s erosion control industry evolved out of the simple idea that mitigating erosion and sedimentation is mostly a physical/mechanical problem. That is, if you can stop rain or wind from detaching dirt and carrying it downstream to deposit somewhere unintended, you have achieved erosion control. This kind of thinking has generated a myriad of products and solutions that all have one thing in common… they are designed to hold soil in place and they are designed to last… Granted, this is a good thing in some applications where natural vegetation is not an option, but in the vast majority of land reclamation applications, the goal is to get the land back to a natural state at some point.

In 2010, a soil scientist and an engineer from the industry decided to take a different point of view… What if erosion control really is a Growing Problem? That is… what if you could boost the ecosystem and rapidly grow vegetation on the site before significant erosion occurred? There would be no need for durable, persistent (and expensive) erosion control solutions. You could get all the erosion control benefits of natural vegetation along with the aesthetic value of a natural looking landscape. Countless agronomic studies over the last 30 years have cited sustained vegetation as the best long term erosion control solution. But barren soil (typical site subsoil) alone does not support good vegetation growth. Plants need a full topsoil ecosystem to flourish. So how do you get from barren subsoil to vegetated topsoil quickly and economically?

The answer is in soil science and natural soil building cycle. Topsoil in the environment builds naturally at a rate controlled by a number of well-studied variables in the ecosystem. Under normal conditions, topsoil can take from a year to hundreds of years to develop naturally. Under the right conditions, you can accelerate the rate of topsoil development dramatically by tweaking the right variables. This concept is the basis for our company and our products.

Organic Earth Industries, Inc. formed in 2012 with the goal of applying soil science and agronomic methods to the problem of erosion control. Part of the solution is in optimizing the soil chemistry to provide the right levels of mineral macronutrients. Part of the solution is in designing the optimal organic growth medium and plant meals to drive germination. Part of the solution is in creating the optimal biological culture including beneficial bacteria and fungi to jumpstart root growth and the decomposition of organic material into micronutrients. Part of the solution is in designing the matrix of mulching fibers and bonding agents to provide the temporary erosion, temperature, and moisture control. The final part of the solution is in designing the system of all of these components to work together and decompose at appropriate rates to provide plant available micronutrients as they are needed. That’s it.

Our research and field applications experience over the last 3 years has led us to develop of a line of hydraulically applied HGM2 (hydraulic growth medium + erosion control mulch) products for a myriad of different applications from steep slope work in land reclamation projects to residential lawn work in new housing construction.

We’re proud of our products and our approach. Our best advertisement is to put these products on the dirt and see for yourself.

Organic Earth Industries
4725 Crest Rd.
Fort Collins, Colorado 80526
Profile Products

Based in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, Profile Products manufactures and distributes proven solutions that help you thrive in a competitive environment while enhancing the natural environment of the sites you serve. It’s our mission to consistently help our customers establish sustainable green space through water and soil management and plant establishment. And we accomplish this by bringing our knowledgeable people, proven products, groundbreaking technology and personal services on-site to holistically meet real world applications—assuring success on every job.

Our purpose-driven products meet the specific needs of a range of industries, including sports fields, golf courses, mining, oil and gas reclamation, landfills, commercial/residential construction and DOT/highway projects. We provide the industry’s broadest line of erosion and sediment control products, turf establishment products and complementary accessories to control erosion and accelerate seed germination. We also manufacture the industry’s best-selling inorganic soil amendments.

Through our ongoing commitment to research and testing, product development and education, Profile® has become a leader and valued resource within the industries we serve. Many of today’s industry standards were innovations developed and introduced by Profile incorporating Green Design Engineering™, a holistic approach that combines environmentally beneficial project design with products that are ecologically responsible. And, as the need for “greener” solutions rises, we will continue to seek out ways to help our customers achieve success.

Profile Products
750 W. Lake Cook Rd, Suite 440
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
Propex TeetoGreen

We are extremely excited to introduce the new Propex™ TeetoGreen™ Sustainable Golf Course Solutions collection to help improve the performance and integrity of your golf course. Propex™ TeetoGreen™ includes cutting edge systems for erosion control, shoreline restoration, and slope stabilization throughout the course. The core of the solution is the patented X3® Trilobal Fiber technology to strengthen and reinforce roots and stems of vegetation for resistance to all types of damage-causing erosion.

Prospex TeetoGreen
423 899 5005
1110 Market Street Suite 300
Chattanooga, TN 37402
Quality Turf Farms

Quality Turf Farms was established in 1975 with a single farm operation located south of Houston, TX.

Quality Turf Farms specializes in grasses developed for the varied and diverse weather conditions of Texas. Among the featured grasses of Quality Turf Farms are Raleigh St. Augustine, Tifway 419 Bermuda, and an assortment of Bermuda grass. Each grass is developed for qualities and growing traits that best suits a given application or weather condition.

Quality Turf Farms are committed to excellence and dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services. From the residential yard to the largest commercial landscape project, Quality Turf Farms is the choice of professional quality-minded customers across Texas.

We are located south of Houston in West Columbia, Texas. From Houston take 288 South exit Hwy 35 south towards Bay City. We are located right over the San Bernard river outside of West Columbia.

Quality Turf Farms
18675 Hwy 35
Sweeny, TX 77480
Siouxland Grass and Forage

Locally owned and operated by Tyler Schroeder, Siouxland Grass & Forage, LLC, serves the South Dakota, Nebraska and Iowa area to provide a full line of turf, agricultural, commercial, and recreational grass seed needs. We also carry a full line of erosion control products, lawn fertilizer, and hydromulch. Siouxland Grass & Forage works closely with Millborn Seeds, a tried and true grass seed supplier. Don’t hesitate to call or stop in to find out more on the products Siouxland Grass & Forage, LLC can provide!

600 North Derby Lane Ste. 160, North Sioux City, SD 57049
Sun Gro Horticulture

Over the last 80 years Sun Gro® Horticulture has become the leading supplier of superior quality peat moss and peat- and bark-based horticultural growing products to North America, serving both professional and retail markets. In fact, Sun Gro has the proud distinction of being the number one supplier to the top 100 commercial growers in North America, shipping over 70,000 truckloads of product annually.

Sun Gro medium starts with nature’s best organic soil conditioner, Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss. We sustainably harvest high-quality peat from bogs located throughout Canada and the northern United States, which is supplied via 28 facilities strategically located across North America. Over 800 experienced, dedicated employees are there to help customers, and those who grow with Sun Gro know their crops are backed by unmatched R&D and Technical Support. To further promote commercial growing success, Sun Gro also provides water-soluble and controlled-release fertilizers.

Sun Gro Horticulture recently consolidated its leadership position in the professional growing market by acquiring Conrad Fafard Inc., and the Sun Gro Corporate Office is based in Agawam, Massachusetts. We operate 13 customer service centers in every major time zone for personalized service across the whole of North America.

Growers have come to trust Sun Gro® Horticulture for professional mixes and fertilizers that offer crops the most consistent physical and chemical growing conditions for good health. Our products are bolstered by comprehensive analytical and informational services that leave nothing to chance. Backed by our superior technical support and research personnel, we will work with growers to find the best products to fit their needs. From start to finish, Sun Gro® will be there to help all growers achieve superior results every time.

Sun Gro Horticulture
770 Silver Street
Agawam, MA 01001