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Bayer is a global enterprise with core competencies in the Life Science fields of health care and agriculture. Its products and services are designed to benefit people and improve their quality of life. At the same time, the Group aims to create value through innovation, growth and high earning power. Bayer is committed to the principles of sustainable development and to its social and ethical responsibilities as a corporate citizen. In fiscal 2014, the Group employed around 119,000 people and had sales of EUR 42.2 billion. Capital expenditures amounted to EUR 2.5 billion, R&D expenses to EUR 3.6 billion. These figures include those for the high-tech polymers business, which was floated on the stock market as an independent company named Covestro on October 6, 2015.

Our goal is to achieve and sustain leadership positions in our markets, thus creating value for our customers, stockholders and employees. To this end, our strategy is designed to help solve some of the most pressing challenges facing mankind, and by doing this exceptionally well we aim to strengthen the company’s earning power.

We are committed to operating sustainably and to addressing our social and ethical responsibilities as a corporate citizen, while at the same time respecting the interests of all our stakeholders. Employees with a passion for innovation will enjoy excellent development opportunities at Bayer.

100 Bayer Boulevard
Whippany, NJ 07981
Bio Green

Bio Green Fertilization Service is a nationally branded Lawn, tree, shrub, weed and pest spraying company that focuses on bringing health and vigor to your entire landscape. The company was founded in 2006 as a Spray service in Reno Nevada with the goal of reducing nutrient pollution and providing a safe, effective and affordable alternative to existing service companies. With these principles, the company was able to grow at a fast rate and garner the interest of other companies in the region. Soon after, the License model for Bio Green was born.

The Licensed Service Providers are trained and supported by Bio Green USA Inc. Our extensive knowledge of horticulture, customer service, soil science, and marketing, aid our Licensees in growing a successful business. When you do business with Bio Green, you are getting local knowledge and unique applications geared directly to your area and growing zone.

Our products are made by Bio Green USA in Greensboro, Georgia. These products are exclusive to Bio Green Licensed Service Providers and are changing the way the industry sees lawn fertility. As a company, we are 100% phosphorus free and use substantially less Nitrogen than conventional methods.

The company’s products build soil fertility year after year and produce incredible results.

The company continues to forge the way in advanced fertility methods for lawn and tree care. By becoming a customer of their services, you will enjoy a beautiful lawn and landscape, a benefit to the environment, and the pleasure of working with local business owners.

Bio Green
1490 Airport Road, Greensboro, Georgia 30642
Biofeed Solutions

Biofeed Solutions, Inc. produces an advanced line of liquid biotech products that solve a variety of issues associated with landscape, agriculture, aquaculture, municipal waste and environmental pollution. These bio-products are based on nearly 30 years of field research and development beginning in 1986. These formulations are produced using a balanced combination of hydrolyzed plant proteins, natural enzymes, intracellular extracts, complex organic acids, carbohydrates, vitamins, hormones and nutrient elements. Variations of these components are used to formulate over 35 different products. Biofeed products deliver a compelling growth promoting effect at the cellular level to facilitate minute changes that bring dynamic results. We strive in every way to provide products and technologies that work in harmony with that which was brought about by our Designer and Creator.

The professionals at Biofeed Solutions, Inc. have carefully developed technologies that counter the negative impact caused by industrial chemicals with the primary goal of producing safe, technology-based alternatives to harmful chemicals. Today Biofeed Solutions, Inc., markets affordable and effective concentrated liquid products to reduce shipping costs and improve ease of handling and use. From our humble beginning when our first “product” was created in a 5 gallon bucket, to today’s manufacturing facility located in Glendale, AZ. USA, Biofeed Solutions, Inc. is adhering to its goal of discovering newer dynamic technologies and developing these into beneficial products that restore and protect our precious environment.

Biofeed Slutions
7655 N 69th Ave,
Glendale, AZ 85303

BRANDT offers a wide range of products that help keep turf, water features, trees and landscapes healthy and disease free. BRANDT’s expansive product line includes:

Manni-Plex foliar nutrition
Noculate greens grade fertilizers
Irrigation, pond and water feature chemicals
Spray markers and utility products
Super strength pond dyes
Tree injections

BRANDT Manni-Plex® technology improves turf health
Applying the right combination of nutrients produces outstanding greens and tees. MANNI-PLEX foliar nutrients were designed to deliver nutrition quickly and efficiently. Their small molecular size and weight helps get more nutrition into turf growth points for better results.

Neo-Tec® S.O.
Naturally derived nematode control: Neo-Tec S.O. is absorbed and ingested by the nematode. The formulation acts as a natural toxin that disrupts nematode mobility, feeding and reproduction; and dries our nematodes to control and reduce nematode population.

The company is proud to be known as one of the fastest-growing, family-owned companies in the United States. Since 1953, the Brandt family and their employees have remained true to a philosophy planted deep in the company’s midwestern roots and forged by an American spirit that focuses on a commitment to quality people and quality products.

Whether you grow soybeans or sugar cane, corn or cotton, or pomegranates and pineapple, the company is focused on helping you take control of your bottom line. With more than 250 products, it is preferred by farmers who grow everything from row crops to fruit to vegetables to turf and ornamentals. BRANDT products are sold in 49 U.S. states and in over 40 countries.

The company offers the products, knowledge and customer service to help make its business partners successful at home and around the world. By taking care of its customers, near and far, BRANDT helps families, farms and communities ensure a safe, secure supply of fiber, fuel and food.

217 547 5800
2935 South Koke Mill Road
Springfield, Illinois 62711
Bridgewell Resources

Serving as a highly reliable supply chain with a network that reaches far and wide, Bridgewell is a dynamic company that is constantly evolving to meet the demands of our customers’ markets. With every decision we make, we weigh the costs–monetary and environmental. We are dedicated to striking a reasonable balance between economic pursuits and environmental protection. Bridgewell is a global resource and we are a resourceful company—one that will examine all possibilities to find the best value with the most expedient delivery system, leaving the least possible environmental footprint.

Bridgewell maintains a company-wide commitment to safe and sustainable environmental practices. Ingredients in our products have been screened and approved as viable for the ongoing production of healthy soils and healthy plants.

Bridgewell’s Par4® Natural Fertilizers are a meal-based blend of animal and plant proteins plus important soil nutrients.

Natural phosphates make beneficial crop fertilizers that environmentally safe and work well in almost any application.

We offer a solid line-up of conventional fertilizers and soil amendments to fertilizer dealers, lawn care firms and retailers.

Bridgewell is a contract manufacturer and distributor of high quality DEF-grade urea. This product is a low biuret, formaldehyde-free prill

Used primarily for agriculture, turf, ornamental and organic growing, these mineral products are for conventional and organic growing.

When incorporated into soil mixes, fertilizer blends or applied in the field, Bridgewell protein meals aid in soil tilth and healthy plant growth.

Reliable and responsive service solutions for everyday agribusiness customers and suppliers.

Bridgewell Resources
10200 SW Greenburg Rd #400, Tigard, OR 97223
Drexel Chemical Co

There is hardly a crop growing anywhere in the world that would not benefit from a Drexel product. We have the potential to manufacture and distribute more than 500 different products under the Drexel triangle. Ours is one of the most comprehensive lines of agricultural chemicals available. Growers know that they can depend on Drexel for consistent quality at an affordable price. As the best value in the market, Drexel delivers maximum yield at a minimal cost.

Drexel Product Lines
Drexel products fall into the following categories:

Growth Regulators

Drexel Product Formulations
Drexel has positioned itself as a leader in product formulation development. Thus, we provide the above-mentioned products, in the following formulations:

Aqueous Liquids-These formulations are true solutions, whereas the active ingredients are totally dissolved to maximum concentrations in water. Since the active ingredient is already dissolved as a concentrate in water, mixing at field rates is problem-free. Drexel’s aqueous concentrates also contain wetting agents that promote coverage and penetration.

Liquid Flowable Formulations-Flowable formulations are finely ground so that products remain suspended during storage, allowing maximum active ingredient levels to be incorporated into the formulation. Careful design and control of the suspension and dispersion agents in the formulations promote stability and trouble-free spray solutions when mixed at field dilution rates.

Water Dispersible Granules-Dry flowable granules are comprised of finely ground particles in order to achieve maximum dispersion, suspension, and coverage. Drexel’s water-dispersible granules are properly sized for coarse and fine fractions in order to minimize dust and efficient handling and mixing of the product. Our water-dispersible granules contain the highest achievable active ingredient levels obtainable in a water-dispersible granule formulation.

Wettable Powders-Utilizing our unique milling process, Drexel offers a line of wettable-powder formulations that are ground for the lowest achievable particle size for maximum coverage, suspension, and dispersion as a spraying material.

Emulsifiable Concentrates-Drexel’s product line of emulsifiable concentrates are made from very pure organic solvent carriers, which allow maximum active ingredient concentrations to be formulated. Since these are true solutions, no insoluble materials are present, which could result in plugging of nozzles. Careful control of the emulsifier and surfactant properties allow for easy mixing and dispersion of the products in water.

Drexel Chemical Co
(901) 774-4370
(901) 774-4666
1700 Channel Ave,
Memphis, TN 38106
Eco Works Supply

Eco Works Supply is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2012. It is a rapidly growing product and solutions provider to the turf and golf industry. Eco Works Supply started as the Minnesota distributor for Cycle Works LLC liquid fertilizers and soil amendments. It has since grown to include products and solutions from many manufacturers while continuing to carry the full Cycle Works product line.

Our mission is to be a full service turf and golf solutions provider with a growing product line that focuses on environmentally friendly products. We also strive to carry only those products that are best in class and that are proven to work for golf courses, sports turf, home lawns and park and recreation turf. We add new products as they are researched from potential vendors and also create new products as customer’s needs dictate.

Our people have the experience and knowledge to provide you with meaningful solutions and products that work and perform. We have direct representatives that cover Minnesota and Eastern Wisconsin, Southwest and Central Florida, Arizona, and Nevada and can ship to any location in the United States.

We now carry liquid fertilizers, soil amendments, micronutrients, macro nutrients, bio stimulants, Calcium products, organic granular fertilizer, environmental pest controls, soil moisture controls, pond and soil treatment products, turf covers, synthetic turf for tee lines and batting cages, a full line of practice range equipment, crew clothing and a solution for raising and leveling sprinkler heads.

Our ultimate goals are to provide products that provide total customer satisfaction to the turf industry. We care about our customers and we care about their turf and businesses.

Eco Works Supply
13011 Girard Avenue South,
Burnsville, MN 55337
EnP Turf

EnP Turf ™ has had the honor and privilege of building high-quality liquid foliar products for the turf market for almost 30 years. These products deliver unparalleled results through a unique combination of high-quality nutritional and biostimulant inputs. Our product line and accompanying programs provide the opportunity for your turf to thrive. We are proud of our science-based backgrounds and take great pride in developing new products and technologies that materially add benefits to your turf programs. Both Zeta∡Plex™ and EnLiven products are utilized in programs that we develop for use on a variety of intensely maintained turfgrass species and varieties.

Zeta∡Plex™ fertilizers are formulated using our trusted amino acid package that supplies 18 L-amino acids that serve to increase the uptake efficiency of foliar applied nutrients and tank mix products. These L-amino acids are highly plant available and are used as building blocks for many proteins that may improve health and stress tolerance.

EnLiven products are a diverse array of fertilizers blended with humic acid, seaweed extract, and other beneficial carbon sources that bring a host of material benefits to the turf. These benefits include better rooting, enhanced color, improved heat, salt and drought tolerance.

These two brands are the platforms from which we will continue to build new and exciting products and should hopefully bring clarity to the features and benefits of our products, allowing you to pick the right product for the job.

EnP Turf
2001 W Main St,
Mendota, IL 61342
Green Technologies LLC

GreenEdge fertilizers are superior products for customers seeking to increase crop yields in a cost-effective manner as well as improve moisture retention to limit water use. GreenEdge slow-release fertilizers with organic nitrogen are specially formulated to provide effective nutrient release for all of your agricultural needs.

Our company sales representatives and distribution partners are fully dedicated to serving commercial customers. Residential customers can buy GreenEdge products through online retailers, like and, as well as Ace Hardware stores in central and northeast Florida.

GreenEdge® commercial formulations are used in some of the nation’s renowned golf courses. Benefits to using Green Edge® include:

Small granules that won’t interfere with golf courses and playing fields
Variety of formulations to fit your course and green landscaping needs
Particles hold ten times their weight in water retaining moisture in the soil, so you can water less often
Particles break down completely and release 100% of the natural nutrients, so you can use less fertilizer
Replenishes the soil with essential nutrients while adding organic matter
Prevents leeching and run-off, which positively impacts the environment

Currently used by more than 100 golf courses throughout Florida, including:

Royal Poinciana Golf Club
Club Pelican Bay
Olde Florida Golf Club
Red Stick Golf Club
Sawgrass Country Club
Quail West
San Jose

GreenEdge® fertilizers are available in 50 lb. bags, or in 1000 lb. or 2000 lb. “supersacks” for large-scale applications.

Green Technologies LLC
(352) 379-7780
5050 Conference Way N,
Boca Raton, FL 33431
Grigg Brothers

Grigg Brothers has proven itself to be a valuable partner in the golf and sports turf industry since 1995. Their Proven Foliar™ liquid and GreenSpec™ granular fertilizer technologies are backed by many years of independent university research and extensive field trials. Grigg Brothers offers turfgrass managers and greenkeepers fertilizer solutions with unmatched quality, performance, and compatibility.

The Mission at Grigg Brothers is to provide the best quality products and top agronomic support in an environmentally responsible manner.

Nutritional science and environmental awareness will drive all agronomic solutions, product recommendations, and programs specific to plant fertility and integrated pest management. We will educate and provide additional tools of science based technologies. We will have the best independent agronomic research program of any fertilizer company in the business with an emphasis on field testing to aid in the development of high quality products. We will diversify and bring new pertinent and proven technologies to the green industries.

Grigg Brothers has proven itself to be a valuable partner in the golf and sports turf industry since 1995. Their Proven Foliar™ liquid and GreenSpec™ granular fertilizer technologies are backed by many years of independent university research and extensive field trials. Grigg Brothers offers turfgrass managers and greenkeepers fertilizer solutions with unmatched quality, performance, and compatibility.

Grigg Brothers
124 Vaughn St
Albion, ID 83311
Grow More

First established in Hollywood, California in 1918 by William H. Atwill as National Chemical NACCO, as a distributor for Mallinkrodt reagent chemicals and Eastman Kodak company. A few years later in1921 the company began to supply its own proprietary photographic chemicals to the growing Hollywood movie industry and also developed chemical specialty products for the metal, automobile and cleaning applications.

Prior to World War II the company’s sales focus was the southern California area. However in 1944 John F. Atwill, succeeded his father and moved the Company to downtown Los Angeles in the early 1950’s rapidly expanded and diversified the product line to include marine and petroleum chemical specialties, industrial, aircraft and water treatment chemicals.

As the Company continued to expand it moved to a new 5 acre manufacturing facility in 1956 and Incorporated as National Research & Chemical Company.

Sales’ offices were located in the metropolitan cities of Hamburg, Munich, Tokyo, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Sydney, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Sunnyvale, California. Satellite manufacturing facilities were located in Tokyo, Hamburg, New York, Mexico City and Sunnyvale.

The early 1970’s opened an opportunity to produce electronic printed circuit board chemicals and marked the beginning of Grow More fertilizers and Micronutrients for agriculture and horticulture.

The development of agricultural chelated micronutrients derived from knowledge gained in the formulation of boiler, power generating and water treatment chemicals.

In the 1980’s was a time of rapid expansion for agricultural, horticultural, animal health products, retail small packages for the lawn and garden markets. This time period also marked a decline in market share for electronics, water treatment and industrial chemicals.

The 1980’s also marks the time of a Company name change transition from NACCO (National Research and Chemical Company) to Grow More, Inc. Today our products are distributed worldwide and throughout the Western United States through a dealer/distributor network.

World headquarters are located in Gardena, California, an industrial manufacturing area located Midway between the port of Los Angeles and Los Angeles City, twenty minutes from the Los Angeles International Airport and ten minutes away from the port of Los Angeles. Corporate Headquarters lodge manufacturing facilities and research laboratories, making the company basically self-sufficient in the total implementation of product quality control and most new projects.

Two manufacturing facilities with one served by rail road that includes 5 powder production units with an annual capacity of 60 million pounds, with capacities to spray dry, vacuum dry and centrifuge.

The liquid production facility capabilities include exothermic and endothermic reactors, evaporation, extraction, emulsification, ammonation, esterification and reduction reaction (acid, alkaline) with a annual capacity exceeding 3.5 million gallons.

Over the last seven decades Grow More has evolved to its present status as a company, which solves problems through applied research. The strength created by the company results from the application of scientific methology. Constant achievement through applied research describes in brief the total commitment provided by Grow More products and personnel. This happens through quantitative analysis, and quality control. The high degree of professionalism, which exists at Grow More is prominent among the many reasons why customers continue to rely on the firm.

Grow More
15600 New Century Drive
Gardena, California 90248
Huma Gro Turf

Huma Gro Turf is a line of products developed and manufactured by Bio Huma Netics, Inc. of Gilbert, Arizona. Bio Huma Netics started developing high efficiency liquid soil health and plant nutrition products in 1973. The Micro Carbon Technology® (MCT) that we use as the base of all our ingredients is proven to be many times more efficient than conventional fertilizers; several times more efficient than granular fertilizers and a few times more efficient than the highest quality chelates. The extremely small molecule size in our MCT makes the difference.

Bio Huma Netics, Inc. was founded in 1973 by scientists Dr. Jordan Smith and Mr. Don Organ when they made the first agricultural application of a unique humate material from a mine in the Northwestern United States. This material, rich in organic acids, and minerals laid down over time in fresh water, when applied to farm soils improved soil conditions, increased the mineral content of plants and accelerated nutrient uptake.

By 1981, Dr. Smith and Mr. Organ had developed the proprietary technology to extract organic acids, soluble minerals and other beneficial organic components from this unique material. This extract contains Bio Huma Netics’ Micro Carbon Technology® and is the foundation ingredient used in all HUMA GRO®, HUMA GRO® TURF, and Probiotic Solution® products. Micro Carbon Technology® is combined with other beneficial components to create over 70 products the company produces to improve soils, improve plant nutrition, and water treatment. The company has expanded under a manufacturing focus. Bio Huma Netics, Inc. today is an exciting dynamic growing company.

Huma Gro Turf
1331 W. Houston Ave.
Gilbert, AZ 85233
Humate International

The two most important components of your soil are a high-energy organic material and a balanced, active microbial population.  Feed this soil with low-salt, natural nutrients and you have an efficient, effective, and eco-friendly growing environment.  These are the products that Humate International produces and sells.  Our granular and liquid HUMATEs are the highest energy organics commercially available and our BIOSYST microbial inoculants and support materials were the first to identify and fill the need for a broad-based and effective microbial soil environment.


The unique characteristics and benefits of our HUMATE and BIOSYST products are many, but the most significant are that they:

Complex nutrients and trace minerals to release them from the soil colloid.
Improve the uptake of nutrients through plant roots and leaves.
Build soil structure to eliminate layering and improve air and water movement.
Reduce the pressure from pathogens and insects.
Stimulate microbial activity to create a more active, “living” soil.
Cleanse the soil of toxins, both natural and man-made.
Eliminate the extremes of too much or too little soil moisture.


The HUMATE organics and BIOSYST microbial products from Humate International provide efficient nutrients in both granular and liquid forms and a broad spectrum of active and effective microorganisms. The results are a properly balanced soil, deep and massive root systems, and healthy, stress-resistant plants with the correct balance of nutrients and trace minerals.  These plants have an increased resistance to external stresses from pathogens and insects, require less nutrient inputs and water, and grow faster to a marketable size.

Humate International
6633 Stuart Avenue
Jacksonville, Florida 32254
HydroStraw LLC

HydroStraw, LLC is a customer oriented erosion control products and hydroseeding mulch company, providing the latest in innovative erosion control technologies. Our goal is to produce quality erosion control products while providing superior service and customer satisfaction. We constantly strive to offer the best possible solution for your erosion control needs. We are small enough to provide service far better than that of the corporate giants, yet at the same time we offer the wide base of knowledge, products and expertise that our customers require.

HydroStraw, LLC is your hydroseeding mulch company dedicated to helping its customers use our cutting edge erosion control products technologies, services and technical expertise to meet their individual erosion control needs in a cost-effective manner. HydroStraw, LLC provides comprehensive recommendations on product selection, application rates and specifications for our customer’s projects. Our full-service, value-added approach insures that our customers receive a solution that conforms to their specific needs and requirements for each and every project. However, our services don’t stop there. We also offer hands-on demonstrations and training seminars to ensure that you and your staff know how to make effective use of our products through our strong distributor network throughout the country. The best way to ensure you are at the leading edge with innovative erosion control solutions is to plan ahead and partner up with HydroStraw, LLC. Let us help make you more effective in your market with products that provide uncompromised results and a cost effective method to do more work in less time. Let HydroStraw, LLC help you meet your erosion control challenges.

HydroStraw LLC
22110 S. State Route 27 Rockford, WA 99030
Nature Safe

At Nature Safe, we enable green industry professionals to improve the vitality, sustainability and profitability of golf courses, lawns and landscapes, organic farms, sports turfs, nurseries and greenhouses. Our fertilizer solutions, manufactured from animal feed and animal proteins, offer the highest concentration of organic nutrition available in a commercial fertilizer. This is our way of contributing to a more sustainable world.

As a part of Darling Ingredients, the world’s leading developer and producer of sustainable organic ingredients, we are committed to help meet rising demand for food, feed, fuel and fertilizers. At Nature Safe, we work hard to ensure that we offer our customers high-nutrition ingredients through unmatched sustainability innovations, by deriving our raw materials from (organic) residuals. Our residuals-to-resources concept is one of many ways Darling Ingredients is making a difference.

Nature Safe
(800) 252-4727
251 O’Connor Ridge, Ste. 300
Irving, TX 75038
Nature’s Wonder

Nature’s Wonder is the Horticulture and Agriculture division of JSH international (JSHi), a global Bio-Environmental company located in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. The Company develops, manufactures and markets eco-friendly products, including Nature’s Wonder’s APEX-10, designed to have a positive impact on our environment.

The vision behind Nature’s Wonder comes from the founder of JSHi, Jirair S. Hovnanian. Mr. Hovnanian understood the powerful and positive impact that unique products derived from natural materials could have on our lands, waters, and energy production. His vision remains with us today and is the driving force behind the Company’s mission.

Our company’s identity “From the Earth… for the Earth®” reflects our mission to harness the power of natural materials to promote environmental stewardship, operational efficiency, sustainability, and a healthier workplace while being cost-effective and socially responsible in creating business opportunities.

Nature’s Wonder remains true to the original values set forth by our parent company’s founder, Jirair Hovnanian, and practiced by Mr. Hovnanian for over 45 years. We conduct business in an atmosphere of transparency, trust and respect, adhering to the highest standards of integrity and providing outstanding customer service to our valued partners.

Our current product, APEX-10, as well as any future products will reflect both our mission and our values. We are firm believers in thorough field-testing to ensure that our customers are always satisfied with the end result. APEX-10 exemplifies our identity “From the Earth… for the Earth®”, and Nature’s Wonder shall maintain such course as our portfolio expands bringing other revolutionary products to market.

Nature's Wonder
(856) 234-4540
(856) 234-4921
302 Birchfield Drive
Mount Laurel, NJ 08054
Ocean Organics

We have been processing seaweed and formulating fertilizers for over 30 years. Collectively, the five key members of our staff have been involved in the seaweed industry for more that 130 years. We selectively extract high levels of beneficial compounds from seaplants using techniques that are both sophisticated and sustainable. Our innovative processing technologies yield products richer than others yet with fewer solids and lower viscosity. This means our extracts can be used with a broader range of materials with better blending, mixing and stability characteristics. Our seaweed-based fertilizers, plant health materials and soil conditioners lead the industry in quality, effectiveness, cost efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Ocean Organics
2153 Newport Road,
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
OceanGrown Inc

Since 2001, OceanGrown Inc. (OGI) has pioneered the science of sea-energy agriculture. OGI delivers innovative solutions to customers across the globe optimizing nutrition for higher quality crop and livestock production. By harnessing the power of nature, OGI helps customers overcome the challenges facing them in today’s economy.

OceanGrown Inc
(888) 986 – 2326
7451 Commercial Circle – Unit C
Fort Pierce, FL 34951
Organic Earth Industries

“It is estimated that one-sixth of the world’s soils have already been degraded by water and wind erosion. Land-use change is a direct and immediate cause of erosion: most changes of land use unfortunately increase the risk of erosion.”

Erosion control is a growing problem.

Today’s erosion control industry evolved out of the simple idea that mitigating erosion and sedimentation is mostly a physical/mechanical problem. That is, if you can stop rain or wind from detaching dirt and carrying it downstream to deposit somewhere unintended, you have achieved erosion control. This kind of thinking has generated a myriad of products and solutions that all have one thing in common… they are designed to hold soil in place and they are designed to last… Granted, this is a good thing in some applications where natural vegetation is not an option, but in the vast majority of land reclamation applications, the goal is to get the land back to a natural state at some point.

In 2010, a soil scientist and an engineer from the industry decided to take a different point of view… What if erosion control really is a Growing Problem? That is… what if you could boost the ecosystem and rapidly grow vegetation on the site before significant erosion occurred? There would be no need for durable, persistent (and expensive) erosion control solutions. You could get all the erosion control benefits of natural vegetation along with the aesthetic value of a natural looking landscape. Countless agronomic studies over the last 30 years have cited sustained vegetation as the best long term erosion control solution. But barren soil (typical site subsoil) alone does not support good vegetation growth. Plants need a full topsoil ecosystem to flourish. So how do you get from barren subsoil to vegetated topsoil quickly and economically?

The answer is in soil science and natural soil building cycle. Topsoil in the environment builds naturally at a rate controlled by a number of well-studied variables in the ecosystem. Under normal conditions, topsoil can take from a year to hundreds of years to develop naturally. Under the right conditions, you can accelerate the rate of topsoil development dramatically by tweaking the right variables. This concept is the basis for our company and our products.

Organic Earth Industries, Inc. formed in 2012 with the goal of applying soil science and agronomic methods to the problem of erosion control. Part of the solution is in optimizing the soil chemistry to provide the right levels of mineral macronutrients. Part of the solution is in designing the optimal organic growth medium and plant meals to drive germination. Part of the solution is in creating the optimal biological culture including beneficial bacteria and fungi to jumpstart root growth and the decomposition of organic material into micronutrients. Part of the solution is in designing the matrix of mulching fibers and bonding agents to provide the temporary erosion, temperature, and moisture control. The final part of the solution is in designing the system of all of these components to work together and decompose at appropriate rates to provide plant available micronutrients as they are needed. That’s it.

Our research and field applications experience over the last 3 years has led us to develop of a line of hydraulically applied HGM2 (hydraulic growth medium + erosion control mulch) products for a myriad of different applications from steep slope work in land reclamation projects to residential lawn work in new housing construction.

We’re proud of our products and our approach. Our best advertisement is to put these products on the dirt and see for yourself.

Organic Earth Industries
4725 Crest Rd.
Fort Collins, Colorado 80526
Plant Marvel

Established in 1922, Plant Marvel Laboratories pioneered and popularized the use of water soluble fertilizers. We introduced our original 12-31-14 General Purpose Hi Phosphate formulation over 90 years ago helping to fuel the growth of soilless growing and hydroponics. Some years later we found a way to incorporate soluble forms of minor and trace elements into our expanding line of soluble N-P-K fertilizers. This became the first commercial fertilizer to deliver a total nutrient feed to crops without fear of burning and with unparalleled ease of application. It provided almost instant response because all nutrients were in a form the plants could utilize immediately. We called it Nutriculture.

Over the years, we helped pioneer the concept of foliar feeding and widespread use of water solubles in the commercial market. But our most important innovation has been the incorporation of all necessary trace elements into every N-P-K formula we manufacture. Today this practice is becoming standard with all fertilizer manufacturers.

Throughout the years Plant Marvel Laboratories has grown with the industry it services. We began by selling our fertilizers to florists and growers. Today the number of fertilizer formulas we stock is over fifty, and we have developed another 200 or more special non-stock formulas. Each of these was designed to promote or overcome a specific growth characteristic.

Plant Marvel
371 East 16th Street
Chicago Heights, IL 60411
Progressive Turf

Progressive Turf is a 12 year industry leader in fertility technology, including advanced rsearch with liquid turf aplications on PGA courses, and studies done by multiple universities such as University of Florida and Clemson University. Progressive Turf features manufacturing and distributing specialized fertility and nutrition products primarily for premium turf care applications such as golf couse greens and tees, as well as professional sports turf.

Progressive Turf utilizes a unique proprietary technology as a basis for its turf nutrition products. The products are acclaimed within the industry for their utility, superior turf response, and ease of use.

We at Progressive Turf are so convinced of the performance of our Turf Products, that we unconditionally guarantee your complete satisfaction. We simply ask that you apply the product at the recommended application rate for four (4) weeks. Having done that, if you are not satisfied with the product for any reason we will pick up any unused containers and provide you with a full refund, on your first initial order.

As a superintendent or a distributor to golf courses you know the demand for superior results on every tee, every green, and every fairway. Progressive Turf has the sustainable solution for you!

We offer proprietary organically based, technologically advanced, liquid foliar fertilizers designed to improve turf grass color without promoting excessive top growth.

Progressive Turf started out in the golf course fertilizer industry and specifically tailored our Turf Foundation TM (10-3-5) and Greater Green TM (5-0-7) to meet the needs of high caliber courses situated in the most demanding climates. Our proprietary organic compound approach reduces the dependence on N-P-K as the primary source of nutrition and minerals unlike traditional fertilizers. Our products also contain all major, secondary, and minor mineral elements available in chelated form, a balanced nitrogen complex, and high levels of soluble carbohydrates, to enrich the soil profile and encourage microbe based mineral nutrient availability and uptake.

Our product offering decreases the heavy carbohydrate demand by turf grass to support top growth, which allows for the allocation of the carbohydrate reserve to encourage lateral growth, tillering, and other processes that contribute to improved color density, vigor, and improved root system development – even during cooler growing conditions.

Progressive Turf fertilizer can be mixed with other technical materials so that you can spray less often, and save time, labor and fuel. Progressive Turf’s superior formulations offer focused delivery of nutrients, and dramatically reduces leaching, volatilization, and other waste.

Progressive Turf
5360 Ball Ground Hwy,
Ball Ground, GA 30107
Redox Turf

The mission of Redox began in 1992. In many ways, it begins again every new season. Our roots are firmly embedded in the agriculture industry, the reason our knowledge and passion run so deep. The result is a collection of products and experts that help customers grow beyond what’s expected.

The focus of Redox is in four main areas—soil chemistry, plant nutrition, water & salinity management, and root strength. With this being the foundation of all we create, growers are discovering healthy plants and high crop yields with an environmentally responsible approach.

Through proprietary nutrient complexing and chelation, and a production process incorporating both chemistry and biotechnology, we offer solutions that are the most efficient in the industry. Each grower has unique requirements due to water and soil conditions, nutritional needs of a particular plant, and variations in climate. For this reason, we have developed an exceptional technical service system that derives the fertilization recommendations from highly advanced analysis of the soil, the plant, and careful follow-up during the growing cycle. With this information, our team provides site-specific solutions so our customers can grow beyond expectations.

Redox Turf
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Residex is a US-based independent distributor of professional pest control and turfgrass management supplies. We are proud to represent the best-in-class brands in all product categories where we participate. In business since 1946, Residex today serves the eastern half of the US from 25 warehouse locations across 14 states. In every market segment we serve, our goal is to deliver quality products at a fair price, up-to-date product information, relevant technical advice and innovative business solutions. Our team of highly experienced sales personnel and warehouse staff strives to diagnose pest and cultural challenges and identify products and solutions that best suit the needs of our customers.

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SePRO Corporation is dedicated to discovering and developing sustainable solutions for specialty markets. Founded in 1994, our mission is to provide plant protection and plant management products and services that fit specialized market needs. We acquire, develop, manufacture, and market value-added products and services that satisfy the unique needs of our customers. In addition, SePRO has partnered with several of the top agriculture companies to develop technologies for use in our key markets.

SePRO has won industry recognition as the preeminent leader in the aquatics industry and as a vital player in professional turf, horticulture and landscape markets. Now, the company is starting to enter specialized markets in the life sciences. Most recently, SePRO has ventured into the pharmaceutical area by forming ParaPRO, LLC. ParaPRO launched its first FDA-approved prescription medication for head lice.

With solid relations already forged with some of the world’s leading product innovators will lead toward still more varied horizons. Wherever traditional or bio-rational chemistry can meet a small but vital need, SePRO will be looking to deliver the solution in an ultimately effective and economically viable way.

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Soil Mender Products

Soil Mender Products is a family-owned company with over twenty-five years of experience in the composting business. After God and family, our goal is to form a relationship with our customers and offer them a consistent, high-quality line of soil conditioning products. We strive to conduct our business in a Christ-like manner reflecting the integrity of the people involved. Soil Mender Products manufactures three soil amendment product lines – Back to Earth, Soil Mender, and Yum Yum Mix, each unique in its own way. Soil Supplements and trace minerals, available to compliment our main product lines, enable our customers to attain specific soil mixes and address specific soil needs. We also create custom mixes and blends for bags or bulk.

For the cost effectiveness and efficiency of drop shipping, Soil Mender Products manufactures a wide variety of products. This allows a mixture of products to go on one truck, giving customers the ability to receive several products, “drop shipped,” on one truck. This saves freight costs, product damage, shipping hassles, and increases that all-important bottom line!

Soil Mender Products has the experience, technical backing, equipment, and warehouse storage to produce a product and packaging of utmost quality and integrity. Our facility includes over 200 acres of composting sites, where we produce aerobic, windrow composts. Our composting, bagging, and packaging equipment are of the highest standard in the industry. Our storage area is over 200,000 sq ft of inside, on-the-concrete storage. We also have a freight company dedicated to our deliveries, so when you needed it yesterday, we’ll do our best to have it to you today or tomorrow.

Soil Mender Products
7355 FM928,
Tulia, TX 79088
Solutions 4Earth

Solutions 4 Earth® is a soil and environmental science company. We specialize in next-generation, non-toxic nutrients to maximize yield and quality, and we do it in an environmentally responsible way.

The Soul of Agriculture

We’re different from ‘fertilizer’ companies. We work with the soil, one of earth’s most valuable resources, the ‘soul of agriculture’. Soil is the original recycler, using minerals, water, nutrients and organic matter to nurture life. Our products feed your soil microbes as well as your plants, a combination that helps root growth, contributing to increased yields and quality.

We also work with microbes and bacteria to digest animal, food processing, and municipal waste. The resulting effluent can be nutritional for crops and safer for the environment.

The Soul’s Secret

Plant life depends upon soil. Working with soil microbes and soil chemistry helps improve water and nutrient uptake, germination, emergence, and greater root mass.

Leading growers use soil management strategies – nutrient management, reduced tillage, cover crops – in their efforts to improve fertility, maximize yield, and reduce ecological impact. We agree with that effort, offering products that help create balanced and sustainable agricultural environments.

Sustainability: a Competitive Advantage

If you care for the soil, it will continue to produce for you for years to come. Neglect your soil, and you will need ever increasing inputs for gradually decreasing results.

Solutions 4Earth
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Henderson, NV 89014
Southland Organics

Our passion for sustainable agriculture, gardening and for producing beautiful turf. We love the great outdoors and share a growing world-wide commitment to a sustainable world. We view organic gardening as recreational therapy and appreciate that sustainable farming is one of life’s greatest treasures.

Food is a ‘language’ spoken in every culture. Making this language organic allows for an important cultural revolution. We need to take a stand and promote diversity and biodiversity instead of chemical toxins and environmental waste. In the short term organic farming may be more complex and labor-intensive but ultimately it is the wiser choice for health, flavor, society and for our environment. Celebrate the culture at your table.

Southland Organics
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Sun Gro Horticulture

Over the last 80 years Sun Gro® Horticulture has become the leading supplier of superior quality peat moss and peat- and bark-based horticultural growing products to North America, serving both professional and retail markets. In fact, Sun Gro has the proud distinction of being the number one supplier to the top 100 commercial growers in North America, shipping over 70,000 truckloads of product annually.

Sun Gro medium starts with nature’s best organic soil conditioner, Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss. We sustainably harvest high-quality peat from bogs located throughout Canada and the northern United States, which is supplied via 28 facilities strategically located across North America. Over 800 experienced, dedicated employees are there to help customers, and those who grow with Sun Gro know their crops are backed by unmatched R&D and Technical Support. To further promote commercial growing success, Sun Gro also provides water-soluble and controlled-release fertilizers.

Sun Gro Horticulture recently consolidated its leadership position in the professional growing market by acquiring Conrad Fafard Inc., and the Sun Gro Corporate Office is based in Agawam, Massachusetts. We operate 13 customer service centers in every major time zone for personalized service across the whole of North America.

Growers have come to trust Sun Gro® Horticulture for professional mixes and fertilizers that offer crops the most consistent physical and chemical growing conditions for good health. Our products are bolstered by comprehensive analytical and informational services that leave nothing to chance. Backed by our superior technical support and research personnel, we will work with growers to find the best products to fit their needs. From start to finish, Sun Gro® will be there to help all growers achieve superior results every time.

Sun Gro Horticulture
770 Silver Street
Agawam, MA 01001

Sylvite/Sylco is a wholesale terminal and logistical company. The organization has developed into a major independent supplier of plant nutrients and other agriculture inputs on the eastern Seaboard. Employees who have devoted their entire professional careers to the fertilizer industry stand ready to offer the experience and knowledge regarding the latest fertilizer developments, services, and distributions including secondary ingredients.

The company is positioned with all major producers of Nitrogen, Phosphates, Potash and micro nutrients in both liquid and dry products. For years, our company has played a significant role in the supply and movement of plant nutrients. In some cases, our loyal customers have spanned for over three generations.

The headquarters office in Lewistown, PA, coordinates the sourcing, storage, warehousing, terminaling, blending, manufacturing, packaging and delivery of thousands of tons of fertilizer year round. Virtually unlimited railroad hold-tract capacity.

In 1989, Sylvite Sales (USA) was incorporated by two entrepreneurs, Jim Brown and Hugh Loomans. They created the company in the United States as an extension of the marketing arm of then Cominco Potash Company and Texas Gulf Corporation. Today Sylvite Sales (USA) plays a significant role in fertilizer distribution throughout the East Coast of the United States. Functioning as an extension of the manufacturer, the marketing arm of Sylvite is recognized throughout the industry as a reliable and dependable source of supply. Our staff of seasoned professionals are ready to assist you in reaching your goals, whether it be just-in-time delivery or fulfilling an early-fill pre-payment and storage commitment.

SYLVITE SALES (USA) plays a significant role in fertilizer manufacture and distribution on the East Coast of the United States. Functioning as an extension of the manufacturer, logistics and marketing efforts, SYLVITE’s team is recognized throughout the industry as a reliable source of information and a dependable source of supply. Our staff takes pride in our professionalism and efficiency, we are available year-round to assist our customers in reaching their input and delivery goals.

6395 State Route 103 North
Building 63
Lewistown, PA 17044

At TerraMax, research is the backbone of our business.

Founded in 1998 by 2 scientists
Develops and distributes natural microbial products
Products designed to increase yields of agricultural crops, improve root structure and improve appearance of turf
Our inoculants minimize the use of petrochemical and mined fertilizers

Through scientifically developed technologies backed by years of research, TerraMax creates and produces innovative natural products that enhance productivity and benefit producers, consumers and the environment.

Relying chiefly on the bacteria Azospirillum, TerraMax’s family of products is applied either as a powder or a liquid to seeds, crops, lawns and turf to naturally promote plant growth by capturing nitrogen.

Why Azospirillum? Azospirillum is a naturally occurring, plant growth-promoting microbe (bacterium) that works as a nitrogen fixer — harvesting nitrogen from the air and soil and delivering it to root systems. However, it wasn’t until TerraMax developed an industry-first formulation to keep the bacteria viable and stable that the growing community really learned what this bacteria could do.

Azospirillum is scientifically proven to improve root structure year after year — creating plants that can stand up to changing weather conditions and other challenges growers’ face. Whether it’s greener, hardier turf or increased crop yields, Azospirillum is proven to work.

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815 W 106th St
Bloomington, MN 55420
Turf Fuel

Turf Fuel is a line of unique products designed to enhance plant strength and prepare intensely managed turf for extreme growing conditions. Just as an endurance athlete needs the right fuel to compete, your turf needs the right fuel to endure the rigors of summer stress. Energy conservation is the key to survival so we’ve designed our products to aid plant energy and protein production. Every ingredient in a Turf Fuel product is there for a reason and added at an agronomically beneficial value. That means we don’t just put a small quantity in so we can claim it on the label. Our philosophy is simple, give plants the nutrients and stress fighting components they need, in the best raw material forms possible, and create really strong plants. We know a lot is riding on your turf’s quality and condition. Our goal is to give turf managers the nutritional tools they need to make their turf the best it can possibly be. We are passionate about providing the most effective products for the challenges facing today’s turf managers.

Turf Fuel
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