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Anne Arundel County Pitches to buy Eisenhower Golf Course

Annapolis City Council heard a presentation on Monday night from Anne Arundel County for the purchase of the Eisenhower Golf Course, which is owned by the city but the two governments share maintenance and profits.

County officials presented an about $3 million deal to buy the golf course, which is estimated to need more than $4 million in repairs and renovation. The officials told the council they wanted to buy the course and renovate it.

Mayor Mike Pantelides supports the decision, linking it to his partnership with County Executive Steve Schuh. It isn’t in the city’s best financial interest to keep the property, Pantelides said.

The golf course is 18-holes and about 6,650 yards off Generals Highway in Crownsville.

“From my point of view we don’t have the financial resources to fix up this golf course,” Pantelides said.

Alderman Ross Arnet, D-Ward 8, and Alderman Jared Littmann, D-Ward 5,weren’t entirely sold on the deal, saying the city should consider other potential options. One potential option included a private company running the golf course for the city.