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Two Carrollton golf courses still closed months after major flooding

The Indian Creek Golf Club in Carrollton keeps it doors closed wholesale jerseys months after sustaining heavy damage during historic flooding.

Jack Stotz says he normally plays at the Indian Creek Golf Club about four times a month. He claim it is a “city course” with a “neighborhood feel”.

This fall, he wholesale nfl jerseys had to go to another course.

Stotz says, “I’m disappointed it’s not open, but I’m really hoping we’ll take this opportunity to bring the course back to an “A” level and maybe even make it better than it was.”

Due to heavy cheap jerseys rainfall last spring, Lake Lewisville overflowed, and began draining in late May into the floodplain along the Trinity River including the two courses at the Indian Creek Golf Club.

Carrollton Assistant City Manager Erin Rinehart says, “It was under water ’til early August.”

“So it needs work on the fairways, work on the bunkers, some cart paths.”

She says the city will pay for these repairs from its reserve funds.

While the golf fairways and bunkers were under water, the greens remained high and dry. So crews used boats to go from green to green to make sure they were watered.

As a result, the greens are still in good condition. The needed repairs, lost revenues from the club being shut down, and other costs, Rinehart says the city is losing at least heroes two million dollars. While the city will repair the “Lakes” course, it is studying whether to fix the “Creek” course or do something else with it.

The final decision is scheduled to be made in January by the city council.

Jack Stotz signed a petition to keep the “Creek” course open and cannot Bird wait to return to the “Lakes” course, when it is scheduled to be re-opened in April. “I can come out here with my 18-year-old nephew, his 45-year-old father, me the 68year-old uncle and Matthew’s grandfather and we can spend four hours together in the open air without cellphones just getting to play again.”

While the city is repairing the “Lakes” course, it is not Colts doing anything to prevent the courses from flooding again.

Rinehart says that would require approval from the Army Corps of Engineers, and increase the amount of time the club will be closed.