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Taylor Meadows Golf Course Renovation Underway

The first major renovation in years to the Taylor Meadows Golf Course is underway.

Construction teams are onsite daily creating an all-new 165-yard Par 3 11th hole, a new 515-yard Par 5 12th along with installing a strategic new pond between the 10th and 11th holes. With the revised layout, a new Par 72 course will be created.

“All of this is really going to improve Taylor Meadows,” Mayor Rick Sollars said.

Several factors come into play with this renovation. The new pond will eliminate safety issues on the 11th tee box, And this and expansion takes in the Beech Daly-Newcastle corner lot, which will be used in the future for a new cart barn and storage facility for the golf course. Storage used to include the old FIA building to the east, but that facility has been sold.

Various construction will be ongoing deep into the fall. Golf, Parks and Recreation Executive Director Jeff Dobek said that despite the renovations, 18 holes will be available to golfers throughout the 2016 season.

“This is challenging, but we are still going to give our customers an outstanding experience each and every time that they come to Taylor Meadows,” Dobek said.

“The construction crews have been working hard and there is a lot going on, but play will continue around those areas. When all of this is done, our course will be much better for it. We are going to end up with three new and exciting holes to play, and eventually a new cart barn facility will help us keep our equipment in top condition.”