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Alliza Sports Turf

At Alliza, we work directly with coaches, athletic directors, architects, groundskeepers, and city officials to promote safe and playable sport fields and golf courses, whether professional or recreational. We also grow several varieties of turfgrass and sell specialty sports turf products. Our comprehensive range of services includes drainage, irrigation, laser grading, turf installation, and sprigging, and field renovation.

New athletic field design and construction is our specialty. To date we have well over 20 such projects under our belt. We are always pleased to discuss or advise on any specific projects in any way we can.

Alliza Sports Turf
12889 Woodburn Allen Springs Road,
Alvaton, KY 42122
Arrow Seed

Arrow Seed was established in Broken Bow, Nebraska in 1946. The company has been under the same family ownership since 1954. Facilities include 60,000 square feet of seed conditioning, distribution and retail space located in Broken Bow. While forage legumes, grasses, and forage and grain sorghums are a major part of the business, related lines of food plots and cover crops are increasingly important to the company and its customers.

Arrow Seed conditions and packages seeds that are well adapted to the area and purchases seed from established companies in other states of those species that cannot be produced economically in Nebraska. As many as 32 different seed species have been conditioned through company facilities in a year’s time. Seed packaging includes the capability to package in small pack bags, bags, totes, and bulk. An up-to-date seed cleaning plant efficiently cleans seed crops of legumes, small grains, grasses, sorghums, and millet. Strict seed handling systems and procedures prevent contamination. Equipment is in place to utilize all physical properties of seed in the conditioning process a product to meet the high standards necessary to carry the ARROW SEED tag.

Forage, Small Grain, and Turfgrass Products are provided to over 150 dealers in Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, and South Dakota. Food Plot Mixes are distributed through a network of Pro-shops, land managers, and retail stores in the Eastern half of the US. Other customers include government agencies, golf courses, landscape contractors, and other seed companies.
As an independent supplier, Arrow Seed selects seed varieties from top breeding programs for performance and adaptation to the Central Plains. The seeds and other products marketed are selected after a thorough and careful evaluation process.

Arrow Seed is responsive. Timely availability of products is critical to ag producers. Distribution is strategically located in the center of the service area. Arrow Seed can react quickly to seasonal changes in crop needs. Storag

Arrow Seed
PO Box 722
Broken Bow, NE 68822
Barenbrug USA

At its core, Barenbrug USA concentrates on leadership in the research, production, marketing and sale of innovative grass seed products. Our focus and determination are evident in the solutions we develop for the turf industry. Our research and development covers all the major U.S climate zones, and our nationwide network of territory and sales managers provide you with on-the-ground coverage no matter where you live.

Top-quality grass seed allows us to create sustainable sports fields and golf courses with perfect playing surfaces. The Barenbrug brand is where all of our core values come together. Plus, our passion for the subject and the way we communicate it allow us to work together with our customers and our partners, with one vision in mind.

Innovation is fundamental to everything we do. Our worldwide research groups continually search for new ways to produce superior seed and bring more value to our customers. Plus, we work to make significant contributions to improve a world where the population will grow to 9 billion within a few decades. We improve farmers’ productivity by reducing their consumption of water, fertilizers and pesticides.

Our company would never have become the leader it is without strategic alliances with partners in research and development, grass seed production and sales and marketing. Throughout the world, we work with developers, universities and institutes to get the best out of genetics and seed technologies. We offer a stable and reliable source of income for the best grass seed producers in the world, through long-term relationships based on mutual trust.

Barenbrug USA
33477 Highway 99E,
Tangent OR 97389
Bigfoot Turf

Since 1980 Bigfoot Turf has been Northern Colorado’s premier turf grass producer. We are a family owned and operated business with “roots” that go deep into the local community. Bigfoot’s staff is composed of three generations of turf growers that can offer you over 35 years of residential, commercial, and athletic field turf experience.

Bigfoot Turf boasts one of the finest growing mediums in the state. The majority our turf is grown in soil that contains ~85% sand allowing for maximum water penetration. Whether you are a proud homeowner looking for that “fast” rooting sod or the turf manager seeking the perfect playing surface, you can be assured that the company is raised at one of the most ideal facilities in the state!

We offer an extensive line of drought tolerant, salt tolerant, athletic field, and golf course turf. Bigfoot is always current with turf grass industry improvements therefore enabling the customer easy access to the latest and greatest in turf grass development.

Bigfoot Turf provides a limited guarantee that turf purchased from us will be weed free and disease free and turf delivered to the job site will arrive freshly cut. Contact us today to experience the quality, services, and expertise that Bigfoot Turf has offered Colorado’s homeowners, landscapers, and turf managers over the last 35 years.

Bigfoot Turf
22455 WCR 49
La Salle, CO 80645
BWI Companies

BWI Companies, Inc. was founded in 1958 by Bob and Betty Bunch as a retail seed store in Texarkana, Texas. The company began wholesale operations in 1972 and has since expanded to a total of 14 locations, including 8 full line distribution centers across the Mid-south and Southeastern United States.

BWI currently distributes lawn and garden products, horticultural products, and turf products to garden centers, farm & feed stores, hardware stores, grocery, regional multi-store outlets, greenhouse growers, nursery growers, landscapers, lawn & landcare companies, golf courses and other related outlets.

BWI has a field sales staff over 125 strong and makes timely deliveries on its company-owned fleet. With over 600 employees company-wide, BWI remains a strong and viable supplier in the marketplace. With second generation leadership provided by co-presidents and CEO’s, Robert and Jim Bunch, BWI will continue to be built on providing its customers with TopNotch service and quality products at competitive values by professional people.

BWI Companies
1355 North Kings Highway
Nash, TX 75569
Carden Farms LLC

Carden Farms, LLC is pleased to announce the location of our new retail nursery location in Conway Arkansas! The new location has been under development for quite some time and is ready for you to visit and see our hard work as we bring the ‘best of the best’ to Conway and surrounding area residents! Let us help you design, develop and implement your dream outdoor space!

Carden Farms LLC
(501) 908-9774
1701 South Donaghey
Conway, AR 72034
Carolina Turf Farms

Carolina Turf Farms in Raeford, NC has been serving North Carolina and South Carolina for more than 50 years. We are one of the oldest and most established providers of quality turfgrass in the Southeast. Carolina Turf farms provides sod for all types of residential and commercial applications including sports fields, golf courses, commercial projects, and residential lawns. For jobs as large as golf courses and commercial development to as small as repairs to your home lawn, we can deliver sod directly to your job site year round.

We do our own trucking delivering fresh cut sod within 24 hours of harvesting. Growing and delivering sod is the bulk of what we do. We can provide quotes on large commercial installations. We do not do residential installations, but do have a preferred list of professional landscapers throughout North Carolina and South Carolina that we can refer you to.

Carolina Turf Farms
(910) 875-6141
1495 St. Pauls Rd
Raeford, NC 28376
Champion Turf Farmers

In March of 2014 Champion Turf Farms celebrated their 48th year of business in the golf course industry. Morris Brown founded the company as Coastal Turf Nurseries in March of 1966 and the original cultivars produced were Tifdwarf, Tifgreen, and Tifway.

The Brown family has played an instrumental role in the development of this industry from its earliest days. Grass from their farms has been planted on hundreds of courses in 16 states over the last 48 years. Many of the techniques commonly used in the industry today were developed years ago by Mr. Brown.

From the beginning until today Champion Turf Farms has always done things differently in that the principals in the company have always been the ones to go out into the field to install their turf. The perspective that comes from working out on hundreds of courses alongside hundreds of superintendents over a 46 year period gives the Browns a unique approach to the business because every job reflects on a reputation that has taken four decades to build as well as a family legacy.

In 1987 Brown began to develop an extensive grass collection in hopes of developing improved cultivars. The first grass to be developed from this collection was the Champion Dwarf Bermudagrass, which was the very first ultradwarf cultivar and has now been planted on well over 500 courses over the last decade. Brown has marketed four new bermudagrass cultivars since Champion and is currently working on the next generation of putting green cultivars.

Champion Turf Farms is unique in the industry in that they are the breeders, producers, and installers of their grasses. This unique position, combined with their decades of experience lead them to develop their own support network for their grass. Nobody else in the industry can claim to have a knowledgebase developed from 48 years of traveling the country planting and studying grass, and all of this experience is available to the superintendents who have their turf. In addition they have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on research as a part of developing the best management practices for their grasses. To help disseminate and update this knowledge, they continually revisit courses that they have planted every month of the year.

The thinking behind this approach was articulated by Morris Brown, “The only way that we can truly succeed is if the superintendents who have our grass are being successful. So we determined years ago to do whatever it takes to ensure their success with the belief that our success will inevitably follow. If we visit a course we planted many years ago and the client is not happy with the turf we planted for him, then we have not been successful.”

Champion Turf Farms
(800) 463 8873
(979) 245 1635
3606 Avenue F.
Bay City, TX 77414
Coombs Sod Farms

Located in South Jersey, Coombs sod farms services the eastern seaboard with sod, potatoes and grain. our 9th generation is proudly farming 1,500 acres of sandy clay loam soil in Salem and Cumberland counties. our dedication to crop rotation and solid farming practices allows us to produce high quality sod to golf courses and landscape contractors and produce high yielding potato crops. as a family run business, our customers are greatly valued and receive the highest level of customer service.

Coombs Sod Farms
84 Highway 77,
Elmer, NJ 08318
Cutting Edge Grass

Cutting Edge® Brand Products – products designed with your household or commercial business in mind. Our products are currently sold through large and medium retail stores, Lawn & Garden Centers, online via specialty retail shops as well as in the Wholesale Market.

Cutting Edge® Brand Products started out as many other companies do – we recognized a problem in lawn care maintenance – every year you have to seed over and over – seed, fertilize, water, mow – it never ends. We worked diligently through product research and development for many years to provide a beautiful, dense, truly low maintenance lawn – a lawn that would require less maintenance as time goes on. We work hard every day in business; we do not want to go home to another business – the business of taking care of the lawn every week. It costs money, time and labor – all of which we expend at work every day. We just want to relax!

Cutting Edge Grass
(855) 887-3123
17 Brent Drive,
Hudson, MA 01749
Delta Bluegrass Company

Delta Bluegrass Company has been Growing Green for over 30 years!

Our commitment to providing exceptional service and a premium quality product has contributed to the relationships we have established in the green industry.

We listen and respond to the demands of the market, consistently investing time and resources into our Research and Development programs. This effort has enabled us to provide innovative products, including our Bolero™ product line and exclusive California Native Sod blends.

Ed Zuckerman, President and CEO of Delta Bluegrass Company, continues to infuse his enthusiasm as a sod grower into various organizations. Zuckerman is a highly experienced and successful sod grower who served as President of the Turfgrass Producers International and the California Sod Producers Association, in addition to many other industry positions. This is particularly significant as he continues to be an active advocate for the success of the green goods industry. Many members of the Delta Bluegrass team also participate in committed roles for different industry affiliations.

Delta Bluegrass Company continues to focus on the importance of quality, consistency and sustainability with our premium products and service. We strive to be a valuable resource in our industry and encourage you to join us in our commitment to green living!

Delta Bluegrass Company
(209) 469-7978
111 Zuckerman Rd,
Stockton, CA 95206
Double Springs Grass Farms

Since 1974 Double Springs Grass Farms, Inc. has produced high quality certified turfgrass in the rich Little Red River and White River bottoms near Searcy, Arkansas. Double Springs is focused to provide the best available varieties with the best purity to satisfy the needs of building contractors, golf course superintendents, homeowners, landscapers, and sports facility managers. Along with turfgrass production, Double Springs offers a “turnkey grassing service” providing all the operations necessary to complete the installation of new facilities and renovations.

Double Springs markets to a 14 state region, which spans the Transition Zone then South to the Gulf. Turfgrass can be shipped nationally and internationally with refrigeration and washing of sod .

Double Springs is a member if the Arkansas Turfgrass Association, The National Golf Foundation, and Turf Producers International.

An aggressive research and development program, coupled with strict quality control measures and an outstanding customer service record, have earned the company a solid reputation as a full service turfgrass producer.

“We cultivate 2000 acres of turfgrass with certified turfgrass in each variety and are equipped to supply and/or service multiple large projects in the same time frame.”

291 Moccasin Bend Rd, Judsonia, AR 72081
East Coast Sod & Seed

At East Coast Sod and Seed, we take pride in growing and providing top quality grass to demanding customers who expect the best. We know that when you choose our sod you also expect exceptional delivery service and the best value for your investment.

Our golf course sod expertise is the best in the industry. It begins with over 2,000 acres of high sand based soil native to Southern New Jersey. With over 80 years of sod growing experience (a subsidiary of DeLea Sod Farms, East Northport, NY – founded 1928) our team and sod farm are recognized as leaders in the turf industry. Combine this foundation with our continuing innovations, constant testing and commitment to using only the best, newest varieties of disease-resistant, wear-tolerant seed – leads to East Coast Sod being the first choice for top quality sod and seed.

Our commitment to excellence offers golf courses, homeowners, landscape contractors and athletic field turf customers premium grass varieties to meet the needs of all sod applications.

Whether you need golf course sod, residential sod or sports turf, choosing East Coast Sod will maximize your return on investment. Contact us today to discover the East Coast difference.

We grow the highest quality sod for golf course use on greens, tees, fairways and roughs, serving private and public courses throughout the East Coast for ten years.

We start with the best seed varieties, including premium bentgrasses, 100% fine fescue, tall fescue and Kentucky bluegrass. From there, we subject the seed to a variety of testing. Although the seed is tested prior to delivery at East Coast Sod and Seed, we perform our own testing regimen – 10 times the industry standard – to ensure that only the finest seed is used. We then plant in clean, sterile soil in fully irrigated fields to provide optimal growing conditions.

Completing all of these steps takes additional time and patience, but the result – the best golf course sod available – is well worth it.

East Coast Sod & Seed
596 Pointers Auburn Rd
Pilesgrove, NJ 08098
Environmental Seed Producers

Environmental Seed Producers has been supplying high quality bulk wildflower seed, dazzling wildflower seed mixtures and reliable easy-care garden flower seed since 1974.

We are a wholesale supplier to retail-oriented seed companies and to large area landscaping users such as Golf Courses and State Departments of Transportation.

ESP is also a member of the Safe Seed Project and supports its mission: We pledge that we do not knowingly buy or sell genetically engineered seeds and plants.

175 Scravel Hill Rd SE, Albany, OR 97322
EZ Hybrid Turf

Established in 2012, EZ Hybrid Turf hopes that the uniqueness of the hybrid turf idea will make a huge impact on the landscape, golf and pet industry. At EZ Hybrid Turf, we specialize in five foundational concepts: innovation, versatility, easy installation, low maintenance, and cost efficiency. Striving to satisfy the customers’ needs by bringing them an innovative, high quality and functional product is our goal.

2011 – Developed EZ Hybrid Turf to fill the void between synthetic and natural grass

2012 – Established EZ Hybrid Turf, Inc to introduce hybrid turf to the North American market

2013 – Attended PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, FL

2013 – Attended Golf Industry Show in San Diego, CA

2013 – Attended The Green Industry & Equipment Expo in Louisville, KY

2013 – Attended the Carolinas GCSA Conference & Show in Myrtle Beach, SC

2014 – Attended the Sports Turf Managers Association Show in San Antonio, TX

2014 – Attending the Landscape Expo in Long Beach, CA

EZ Hybrid Turf
85 Atlantic Street. Hackensack, NJ 07601
Fulton Grass Co.

Fulton Grass Co. is a family-run farm on the banks of the Red River in southwest Arkansas. We have been in the sod grass business since 1985, starting with just 40 acres of sod. In the past 20 years, we have grown to just over 1,000 acres, split about equally between Celebration Bermuda, Certified Tifway 419 Bermuda, and Certified Crowne Zoysia, which we have exclusive rights to grow in Arkansas and Louisiana. We pride ourselves in producing top quality, sandy-backed sod, ideally suited for climate conditions in this region.
Fulton Grass Co. is a member of Turfgrass Producers International, a professional organization committed to

Improving practices of sod production
Encouraging research
Exchanging information for sod production
Enhancing the environment through improved practices and research results

 We are also members of

Texarkana Home Builders Association
Texas Home Builders Association
National Home Builders Association

With our sod quality and customer service, we strive to reach and exceed the expectations of

Building contractors
Golf course superintendents
Sport park managers

Fulton Grass Co. has installed turf for many area golf courses and ball fields (football, baseball, softball, and soccer). We have the ability to harvest and install grass from sprigs to big rolls. We will work with you to determine the best and most economical grass applications for whatever your needs may be.

(870) 896-2407
(870) 896-2497
791 Hempstead 1
Fulton, AR 71838
Grass Masters LLC

We take pride in providing exactly what our clients want in their dreamscape vision for their yard, or commercial property.

One of the aspects that sets us apart from everyone else is the fact that we actually listen to our clients in great detail to get a better understanding of what exactly is being communicated to us about their property or landscape vision. We take a special approach to ensure we are on the “same page” when it comes to your yard or commercial property

All of our work comes with a 1 year warranty that includes concrete , pergolas, and irrigation, and decorative rock walls.

Grass Masters uses leading edge computer software to layout your yard in a 3D scape that you can see before any work is actually done so you know precisely how your landscaping will look even before it is started. Before you make any decision about who you will use for your landscaping project, give us a call for a no hassle consultation. We really want your business. Contact us right now.

Grass Masters LLC
860 Lees Drive,
Las Cruces, NM 88001
Hawaii Grower Products

Ever since its establishment, Hawaii Grower Products has taken its own road. When competitors were servicing plantations, HGP glided towards the turf and ornamental market. This wasn’t a ‘cool’ choice at the time, but the intuition paid off.

What started as a small and overlooked market has blossomed into an enormous success because of the many resorts, golf courses and nurseries that have sprung up in Hawaii to service tourism. Ken Findeisen, president of HGP, recounts the growth:

“In 1980 there were just a few golf courses on Maui. Then, just a few years later, everyone’s adrenaline started to pump from all the activity – hotels and golf courses were being built. Everything started booming. We started concentrating on supplying the right products for maintaining these landscapes. It was a natural progression for us. We introduced innovative products, such as slow release fertilizers, and it grew from there. Now Hawaii Grower Products is viewed as the leader in this industry. We represent the best product lines for this market.”

Like Ken says, Hawaii Grower Products has something rare and valuable – a company that places relationships above price. We value and nurture the relationship we have with our customers as well as our manufacturers. We’re all professionals and we work as a team to develop beautiful turf, landscape, and plants.
HGP has remained strong through all fluctuations in Hawaii’s economy. How? It’s nothing more than HGP’s community-mindedness, business integrity, respected relationships, and solid product catalog. Plants naturally grow and HGP merely helps along the way way.
Everyone at Hawaii Grower Products has been involved in Hawaii’s horticulture industry for years. Why? For one reason, they love it! HGP is a locally owned business, committed to improving the industry, the community, and the Hawaiian archipelago at large. We don’t have headquarters; our top managers work in the field. We all work as a team, constantly striving to improve our service, solve problems, and assist customers with the best product choices and application.

Hawaii Grower Producs
400 Lehuakona St
Kahului, HI 96732
Hoffman Nursery

For over 25 years, Hoffman Nursery has provided ornamental and native grasses to the wholesale horticultural trade. We invite you to explore this section, get to know us, and learn how we make top quality liners.

Hoffman Nursery, Inc. specializes in top quality, ornamental and native grass liners for the wholesale trade. Located in the Piedmont Region of North Carolina, we ship to customers across the U.S. and Canada. Customers range from large-scale wholesale nurseries to garden centers, landscapers, design firms, municipalities, golf courses, and zoos.

Hoffman Nursery
5520 Bahama Road
Rougemont, NC 27572
Huggett Sod Farm

Huggett Sod Farm, Inc. is a family owned business that has served the diverse needs of homeowners, landscapers, lawn care professionals, golf course superintendents, and sports field managers for over 50 years.

We have a commitment to provide you with quality products, along with the experience & knowledge to help you with any green industry project.

Huggett Sod Farm, Inc. is comprised of over 750 acres devoted to sod growth & over 120 acres for the tree nursery.

Depending on the variety, our sod is available in 3 sizes:

Pallet Sod – 10 square foot rolls (2ft. x 5ft.)
Little Big Roll – 225 square feet (rolled onto tubes)
Big Roll – 450 square feet (rolled onto tubes)

While most of the sod is grown on peat, we also grow on mineral soil.

Varieties of turfgrass include: bluegrass blend and fine fescue/bluegrass mix. We utilize the results of studies done by the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program based on the overall performance of the varieties for our region.

In the spring & fall, a selection of shade, ornamental, & evergreen trees are available.

Since 1993, Mark Huggett has managed Huggett Sod Farm, Inc., by employing state of the art harvesters that have been customized for our cutting needs along with wells and man made ponds to supply water for our modern irrigating systems which include: wheel lines, center pivots and irrigation guns.

Huggett Sod Farm, Inc. has distribution facilities in Michigan and Ohio with our own fleet of trucks for delivery (fork lift unloading provided) to Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana. Customers may also pick up at our farm in Marlette, Michigan.

Over the past 50 years, Huggett Sod Farm, Inc. has been fortunate to have quality employees with varying talents who are focused on providing our customers with the best service and quality of sod anywhere. From the office manager and drivers to the sod crew, many of our key people have more than 20 years experience.

Let us put our experience & knowledge to work by showing you our commitment to providing you with quality tree and turf grass products!

Huggett Sod Farm
(989) 635-7482
(989) 635-7484
4114 Marlette Rd.
Marlette, MI 48453
Johnston Seed Company

Johnston Seed Company was founded by Willis B. Johnston in 1893 to supply a variety of agricultural seeds to the settlers of the Oklahoma Territory, Johnston Seed Company has evolved into a supplier of seeds, as well as a marketer of many end use products that are produced in Oklahoma and other areas of the world. Our agricultural seeds, turfs, forages, native grasses and wildflowers are in high demand among the growing public for use in conservation, building areas and sporting fields. Today, heirs of Willis B. Johnston now own and operate Johnston Enterprises. Three generations of the Meibergen family have expanded the meager beginnings into a large multifaceted corporation.

Johnston Seed Company was the first to enter into the proprietary seeded bermudagrass production and marketing business. Guymon Bermudagrass, developed by Oklahoma State University (OSU), was the beginning for Johnston Seed Company’s dominance in producing and marketing superior seeded cold-tolerant bermudagrass varieties. Currently these bermudagrasses are marketed domestically in the United States as well Spain, Italy, Morocco, Japan, China, Korea, Australia, Brazil and many other countries.

Today, our seed company produces and markets the two best cold-tolerant seeded bermudagrasses in the world. Wrangler, a forage type of bermudagrass, was developed cooperatively by Oklahoma State University and Johnston Seed Company. Released in the late 1990’s, Wrangler has since become the most widely planted true cold-tolerant seeded forage bermudagrass in the United States. Riviera is the crown jewel of Johnston’s bermudagrass line. It is setting new standards by which all turf bermudagrasses are measured.

Johnston Seed Company
319 West Chestnut
Enid, OK 73701
Lawyer Nursery

Lawyer Nursery is a family business founded by David and Esther Lawyer in 1959 in the Clark Fork River Valley near Plains, Montana. Currently the wholesale bareroot nursery is owned and managed by John Lawyer. We have more than 500 acres of prime nursery land in addition to our office, packing sheds and warehouses.

At Plains, we produce deciduous seedlings and transplants, rootstocks, shrubs and conifers. Our Plains climate is USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 4. Soils range from sandy loam to a sandy clay loam with a normal growing season of 100 days.

In 1988 our business expanded to Olympia, Washington. Facilities include 175 acres of rich, uniform sandy loam. This outstanding soil allows us to root culture our crops with advanced methods of root pruning, wrenching, and nutrient management. At Olympia, USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 7, we grow a wide assortment of conifer and deciduous seedlings and transplants including difficult to propagate species.

In 2000 we built our first modern greenhouse in Olympia Washington. Production has grown to 900,000 plugs across 40 species. Initially we intended to provide plugs for our own operations but demand for conifer and deciduous plugs was such that we now list a variety of species for sale as plugs.

All of our stock is sold bareroot. We grow most of our product in open fields for one or more growing seasons. Then we dig, grade, count and bundle our plants for storage and shipment. Wholesale quantities are sold in bundles of generally 10 to 100 plants. Most of our broadleaf deciduous species are dug in the fall and early winter after they are fully dormant. We dig our conifers grown at the Olympia nursery in mid-winter and at the Plains nursery as early as possible in the spring. All stock is held in cold storage until shipped. We have modern cold storage facilities totaling over 500,000 cubic feet of refrigerated and humidified storage.

We propagate our nursery stock from both seed and rooted cuttings; today Lawyer Nursery, Inc. offers one of the largest selections of field grown nursery stock in the wholesale nursery trade.

Lawyer Nursery
6625 Montana Highway 200
Plains, Montana 59859
Modern Turf

Modern Turf is a state-of-the-art turfgrass production company specializing in growing and installing a complete variety of high quality turfgrass for the golf and landscape industries. The company was founded with the expertise of several former golf course superintendents. The original founder and President of Modern Turf is Hank Kerfoot, a graduate of Lake City Community College (Lake City, Florida). The Vice President is B.J Haunert. B.J. is a graduate of Ohio State University. Buddy Smith covers the Carolinas as our Sales Manager and has a wealth of information and experience in the golf and landscape industries.

Individually, they have been involved in all phases of golf course management and construction and boast over 50 combined years of turfgrass management experience in the U.S., Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and the Bahamas. We believe turfgrass grown and installed by former golf course superintendents produces a superior product for architects, builders, owners, golf course superintendents and landscape contractors.

With business models including the turf farm, the Modern Turf Care division, the retail outlet in Columbia SC & Lexington SC and hosting golf’s premier events such as the Ultradwarf Revolution, the Modern Turf experts are the ones that you want on your side!

Modern Turf
10070 Farrow Rd.,
Columbia, SC, 29203
Mountain View Seeds

Located in heart of the world’s finest grass seed production region, Mountain View Seeds of Salem, Oregon produces turf and forage grass varieties that are shipped all over the world. Quality MVS seeds are used on golf courses and sports fields, sod farms, parks, corporate and residential turf, and other locations requiring superior appearance, performance, and value.

Mountain View Seeds
8955 Sunnyview Rd NE, Salem, OR 97305
New England Progreens & Turf

New England Pro Greens and Turf specializes in turf grass and it’s installation! With over 50 years of experience we work throughout the Northeast on residential sports fields, and golf courses. Utilizing low ground pressure equipment enables us to maintain the finish grade and tie into existing turf area without compromising the site. We are committed to excellent service in order to complete your project on time and on budget!

357 River St Ext, Franklin, New Hampshire 03235

Newsom is your one-stop shop for Maryland wholesale grass selections. Purchased in 1998 from J. Strickland Newsom by Allen and Carrie Bohrer, we have continued to deliver the same quality service and wholesale grass seed in MD. We carry a large selection of grass seed mixtures that include bentgrass, bermudagrass and perennial ryegrass. Even with our large selections of bulk grass seed in Maryland, we recognize that many of our wholesale customers require their own analysis. That is why we offer custom blends of grass seed and fertilizer that meet the individual needs of our customers.

Here at Newsom Seed, our Maryland wholesale grass seeds use only the finest equipment, which is used to clean and mix the seed components. We are one of the largest seed blending facilities located on the East Coast and the bulk of our business comes from our wholesale customers that take advantage of our 50-lb. to 1,000-lb. bulk bags. In addition to our bulk grass seed in Maryland, we also carry a full line of Maryland wholesale fertilizer. Similar to our grass seed mixtures, our fertilizer selections can be custom blended depending on your specifications.

We are proud to offer a comprehensive line of Maryland wholesale pesticides as well, with a wide variety of name brand and generic selections. We have extended our pesticide products to include many generic products, which are economical without compromising quality. In fact, many of our generic wholesale pesticides in Maryland are expected to be of better quality than some name brand alternatives. To keep consistent with our full range of products, we also offer hydroseeding supplies, erosion control blankets, turface and hybrid bluegrass, a great solution for heat tolerance.

11788 Scaggsville Road
Fulton, Maryland 20759
Patten Seed Company

The beginnings of Patten Seed Company were started by Robert L. Patten, a school teacher, who opened a general store in Lakeland, GA, circa 1893. Located downtown, it sold seed and fertilizer and everything in between, from horse collars to caskets.

Mr. Patten’s only son, Lawson, continued with the store and many agricultural side projects, including a seed-cleaning plant that we still use today.

Lawson had three children, one of them a daughter who married Bill Roquemore. Bill, a WWII bomber pilot, became involved in the family’s business and was the entrepreneur, visionary, and people-person who built Patten Seed into the great family business it is today.

Bill’s son Jim follows in his footsteps, along with Ben Copeland Sr. and Ben Jr.

Today, Patten Seed is a privately held family and employee-owned business.

As a sod producer, Patten Seed positioned itself throughout the 1960’s to the present by constantly developing and testing new, high-quality turf varieties, embracing and innovating new technology, along with establishing production farms readily accessible to Southeastern cities to provide the freshest sod possible.

Patten Seed owns the Super-Sod® brand. We started using the brand in 1980, to market sod in the expanding urban markets. Super-Sod, one of the South’s largest producers of turfgrass sod and seed, sets the standard for the industry. Strategically-placed farms and outlets around the Southeast allows Super-Sod to provide superior, fresh sod to each customer. Our employees stand out as being industry professionals, who offer knowledge, experience, and a passion to serve. We deliver sod on-time, when we say we will.

Patten Seed Company
23 Valdosta Rd.,
Lakeland, GA 31635

Pennington’s story began in a small seed store on Main Street in Madison, Georgia in 1945. Brooks Pennington, Sr., the company’s founder, originally started out supplying the local farmers and ranchers with quality cotton, soybean and agricultural grass seeds.

Today, Pennington is a part of the Central Garden & Pet Company (NASDAQ: CENT) family of brands, with over 1,000 employees and over 16,000 dealers worldwide.

Grass seed has become our expertise over the last several decades, and we remain dedicated to providing the finest grass seed in the industry. Unlike our competition, we have a close relationship with our farmers, whom we can trust to produce high-quality grass seed. With 39,000 acres of grass farms in Oregon alone, it’s important we give back to the farmers that give to us.

Not only do we grow our grass in the U.S.A., but we have the largest private grass seed research facility in the U.S.A., NexGen Turf Research. Along with partnerships at various universities, our research-based breeding program enables us to grow only the best grasses science can deliver.

1280 Atlanta Highway
Madison, GA 30650
Pike Creek Turf

A superior turfgrass product supported by a real commitment to customer service has brought Pike Creek Turf, Inc. from a small 100 acre turfgrass farm in 1989 to one of the leading turfgrass producers and installers in the southeastern United States. Now with over 1800 acres in turfgrass production, Pike Creek Turf has developed a strong reputation with golf course architects, developers, superintendents and contractors for the quality of our products, installation and dedicated customer service.

Pike Creek Turf, Inc. is the largest producer of Fumigated, Georgia Certified Turfgrasses in the Southeastern United States and is rapidly becoming a major force in International Sales thanks to our State of the Art International Sprig Washing Facility. We offer golf course and athletic field sprigging, sod and sod installation in slabs or big rolls, and rowplanting. With 14 varieties of turfgrass available and quality that is second to none, we are sure that we have the grass to fit your needs.

Pike Creek Turf offers 14 different varieties of Fumigated, Georgia Certified turfgrasses including bermudagrass, paspalum, zoysia and centipede which are known for their superior quality.

Pike Creek Turf
427 Pike Creek Turf Circle, Adel, GA 31620
Pioneer Sand Company Inc

Established in 1968, Pioneer Sand Company, Inc., was began in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The year 1984 saw the inception of Pioneer Landscaping Materials, Inc, in Gilbert, Arizona. Together they represent the largest landscape materials supplier in the United States. Pioneer represents a true one-stop customer solution, offering the industry’s widest array of hardscape materials for various landscaping purposes. Through 30 retail yards strategically located throughout Colorado and Arizona, Pioneer distributes over 300 hardscape and landscape supplies and products, including approximately 60 types of decorative stone, boulders, sand & gravel, flagstone, pavers, bricks, stone veneer, soil mixtures, mulch and bark chips, railroad ties, patio and decorative wall materials, retaining wall systems and landscaping tools.

As one of the few vertically integrated distributors in the industry, Pioneer operates 15+ stone quarries and sand & gravel pits. Materials mined by Pioneer at these properties are used extensively within our retail yards and commercial projects along with many other products sources throughout the United States.

Our retail locations are a landscaper and DIY haven. We provide materials for all phases of one’s backyard dreams. Every location is tailored such that any person can come away with great ideas and plan to create a personal outdoor paradise. All locations carry an extraordinary variety of materials to tackle any project.

Our commercial sales operations have been involved in the largest and most ambitious projects throughout Arizona and Colorado. Chances are that if you see largest landscaping projects AZ or CO, Pioneer is likely involved at some point of the process. Are sales staff is extraordinarily knowledgeable with decades of experience.

Pioneer Sand Company
1011 W. Valencia
Tucson, AZ 85706
Rivard’s Turf & Storage

Rivards Turf & Forage is a premier full service distribution seed company that specializes in premium turf grass seed mixtures, high yielding forage seed, alfalfa hay & pasture grass seed, quality native grass and forb seed, wildlife food plot seed, and turf grade fertilizers, chemicals, and other turf related specialty products.

Rivad's Turf & Forage
3150 – 27th Ave. N.
Grand Forks, ND 58203
Sharp Brothers Seed Company

For more than 50 years, Sharp Brothers Seed has set the standard for top-quality seed for home, farm and commercial landscape use. Expanding markets dictated development of new and improved varieties of both warm and cool season grasses, various legumes, forbs and wildflowers. These newer varieties have joined the broad variety of seed species and local-source native seed produced to meet consumers’ growing needs throughout the eastern United States, the Great Plains and the inter-mountain areas. High-quality, dependable Sharp Brothers’ Buffalo Brand seed is the standard that is demanded throughout the United States and several foreign countries.

Sharp Brothers Seed is proud to actively support and participate in the on-going efforts of organizations that promote conservation, energy and agriculture.

Today, Sharp Brothers Seed is the largest working seed producer in the United States. Sharp Brothers operates from two locations to serve the U.S. market and beyond. The primary location, and the one that serves the high prairie region, is the company headquarters at Healy, Kansas.

1005 S. Sycamore Street,
Healy, KS 67850
Smith Seed Services

Smith Seed Services began processing grass seed back in the mid-50’s and has gone on to become an industry leader with a solid reputation for superior quality and service.

Our long-term relationship with a wide variety of growers and other seed providers, as well as onsite cleaning lines, custom packaging and multiple shipping and warehousing options ensures the seed will be there, where and when you need it!

Our record of successful growth, low employee turnover, financial stability, and a history of high quality seed delivered on time is a testimonial to the success of those standards.

For over 60 years Smith Seed Services has provided quality products and services to companies worldwide. Today, we continue to serve our customer’s with integrity, innovation and hard work.

Smith Seed Services is located in Halsey, Oregon in the heart of the Willamette Valley. We are strictly a wholesale operation. While we do not sell directly to retail customers, including homeowners and farmers, our products are available worldwide through numerous distributors and their dealer networks, as well as a few online companies.

Smith Seed Services
(888) 550-2930
(541) 369-2757
26890 Powerline Road, Halsey, OR 97348
SMR Farms

In 1922, The Uihlein family, founders of the Schlitz Brewing Company, acquired over 48 square miles of land east of I-75 in Manatee and Sarasota counties, at the southern reaches of the greater Tampa Bay area. The Uihleins pursued timber and ranching activities on the property creating what is today Schroeder-Manatee Ranch, Inc. (SMR). Over the intervening years, SMR has expanded to include the award-winning master-planned community of Lakewood Ranch, SMR Aggregates, The Sarasota Polo Club, and the diversified agricultural operations of SMR Farms (f/k/a SMR Turf & Trees).

At SMR Farms, we grow Florida better than anyone else! As part of SMR, we have more than 80 years of experience as a leader in Florida agribusiness. With over 31,000 acres as a starting point, SMR Farms produces sod and improved turfgrasses, containerized and field-grown trees, premium Brangus and hybrid cattle, and citrus for both the juice and fresh-fruit markets. Over those years, SMR Farms has earned a reputation for quality in everything it does, and our customers buy with the confidence that comes from knowing that we have the experience, resources and personnel to stand behind our products and services.

Beyond the business, SMR Farms has been a leader in environmental stewardship and water management. Whether it is preservation of sensitive habitat, extensive use of alternative water sources or implementation of Best Management Practices, SMR Farms has been well out front in making natural resource management a part of every land-management decision.

SMR Farms
(941) 708-3322
4715 Lorraine Road, Lakewood Ranch, FL 34211
Sod Solutions

Since the early 1990s we have been developing and marketing superior turf varieties. We are focused on bringing innovative selections to the horticultural industry, for the benefit of the individuals who plant, cultivate, sell, install, maintain and enjoy them. Our products are the result of extensive industry experience in the identification, development and marketing of improved varieties, as well as a unique global network of breeding and production resources.

Sod Solutions has identified, tested and introduced improved turfgrass selections since 1994 that raise the expectations of consumers, landscape architects, contractors, golf course superintendents, sportsturf managers, and turfgrass producers – almost anyone who values superior aesthetics and functionality in the landscape. Palmetto St. Augustine, EMPIRE Turf, Celebration Bermudagrass and Sapphire St. Augustine have become industry standards, while Bella Bluegrass, Discovery Bermuda, Latitude 36 & NorthBridge Bermuda, and Geo Zoysia are establishing themselves as true performers. Our turfgrasses vary in color, texture and other features, but they all have one thing in common: lower water and maintenance needs.

Sod Solutions provides extensive technical and marketing support for all products. We apply strict quality control measures to ensure that all turfgrasses are produced from approved, genetically pure sources. All products are certified as required by local certifying entities. These patented varieties are grown and sold only through networks of licensed producers, which ensures that the products are readily available across the U.S. at competitive prices.

Sod Solutions
P.O. Box 460
Mt Pleasant South Carolina 29465
Southern Turf Hawaii

Southern Turf Hawaii has supplied Hawaii with residential, commercial, retail, and golf course sod and grass for nearly 20 years. Southern Turf Hawaii’s landscaping experts will help you choose which turfgrass variety best fits your specific needs. All of Southern Turf Hawaii’s grass is grown on plastic using green waste compost—an eco-friendly, renewable source for growing sod that is both weed free and environmentally friendly. Whether you’re looking for sod to enhance your lawn or golf course, let Southern Turf Hawaii help with all of your grass and landscaping supply needs.

Southern Turf Hawaii’s landscaping experts have many years of experience and are here to provide you with the high quality turfgrass that best suits your specific needs.

Southern Turf Hawaii sells grass varieties by the square foot and the sod is cut into 2×4 square foot sheets for easy transport. Our wide variety of grass includes: Bermuda, Paspalum, St. Augustine, Tenuifolia, and Zoysia. Southern Turf Hawaii recommends bringing a tarp to ensure clean and easy transport. Orders can be made and picked up typically within the same day. Trays are available, and most grass varieties are available daily.

Southern Turf Hawaii
(808) 232-2277
73-494 Kaiminani Dr.,
Kailua Kona, HI 96745
Stephens Turf Farm

Stephens Turf Farm was established in 1981. We produce turfgrass sod to the landscape industry and homeowners. We are located 5 miles east of Paragould, in the northeast corner of Arkansas. We produce Tifway and 419 Tifway II hybrid Bermuda, Meyer Zoysia and Winning Colors Fescue. We can harvest turfgrass sod squares or big rolls. We also provide delivery and custom sprigging services. Customer pick-ups at our farm are welcome. y.

Stephens Turf Farm
5672 Greene 853 Rd.,
Paragould, AR 72450
Stover Seed Company

Specializing in custom blends, mixtures and site specific seed for your individual golf course requirements.

Stover Seed provides numerous products and services that benefit the golf course superintendent and the golf industry as a whole. Since we are an independent distributor, our ability to custom order, blend and deliver products to satisfy each course’s individual needs, is without equal.

We can create custom blends and mixtures for situations such as high salinity, Gray Leaf Spot and other diseases, reclaimed water use and other special circumstances. Stover Seed has developed fertilizers for kikuyu grass, bermudagrass and paspalum use in either potable or reclaimed water conditions. These specifically designed fertilizers have higher micronutrient levels plus humic acids and soil penetrants for better color and disease resistance.

Stover Seed also supplies wildflowers, often used to add seasonal color, habitat enhancement and aid in Audubon designation. We carry over 75 different species of flowers, sold individually or mixed to fit a specific situation. Stock mixtures include hummingbird/butterfly, partial shade, mountain, southwest desert, coastal, low profile and California natives.

We are active in helping golf courses design native grass seed mixtures for roughs and out-of-bounds areas.

Stover Seed maintains over 60 turfgrass varieties in inventory. In addition, when you have a hard-to-solve turfgrass situation, reach out to Stover Seed. We are pioneers-the first to introduce ten new turf-grass types most notable of which are the Princess Hybrid Bermuda, Bonsai Dwarf Fescue and AZ-1 Kikuyu grass.

Stover Seed Company
(800) 621-0315
(213) 626-4920
9180 San Fernando Rd.
Sun Valley, CA 91352
Sur-Line Turf

Sur-Line Turf, Inc. is a customer oriented company, established in 1991, by Skip Lambert to provide cost effective, high quality, sound agronomic products and services to the sports turf industry. Utilizing highly specialized equipment operated by skilled employees has made Sur-Line Turf one of the most cost effective golf course and athletic field renovation and construction companies in the country. Our goal is to produce the highest quality products for our knowledgeable customers that will provide many years of service.

Sur-Line Turf specializes in all types of athletic field construction and renovation including: Laser grading sub-grades; installation of underdrainage systems; installation of irrigation systems; laser placing soil mixes, infield mixes, infield conditioners and warning track materials; laser grading finish grades; planting sod and sprigs; and providing grow-in programs and agronomic consultation.
Sur-Line Turf provides the following products:

On-Site Custom Built Athletic Field Covers
On-Site Custom Built Golf Green Covers
Sideline Covers
Green Graphics Turf Colorant
Bunker Liners
Bunker Nails
Sod Staples
Quality Sod and Sprigs
Infield Mix
Infield Conditioners
Warning Track Stone
Mound Clay

Sur-Line Turf
19637 Gorgas Road
Northport, Alabama 35475
Turf Grass Farms, Inc

Since 1985, Turf Grass Farms has strived to provide first class operation to serve our customers. We feel that success can only be judged through our customer’s eyes. It is for this reason that we grow a quality product, give our customers the personal attention they deserve, and make certain our deliveries are on time.

In the beginning, Turf Grass Farms began helping make the world a better place with its environmentally friendly sod. In 1992 Kirk Walker purchased the farm and made managerial changes that have enhanced the business. In 2003 Kirk passed away, however the farm is still owned and operated by the Walker family.We have 650 acres of sod in production and are expanding all the time. In 1992 there were two types of grasses produced on the farm. We now have four types of turf grass. We have established fields of EMPIRE Turf, Palmetto St. Augustine, Centipede, Celebration Bermudagrass, and Tifway 419 Bermuda.

Turf Grass Farms, Inc
16341 Turf Grass Road
Welsh, LA 70591
Williams Lawn Seed

Williams Lawn Seed is a Midwest regional wholesale lawn seed distributor serving 10 states. We distribute millions of pounds of turf seed every year

WLS specializes in quality lawn seed and turf care products. We offer certified & sod blends, small retail & bulk packaging, prompt delivery, and quality service. We serve athletic fields, sod producers, golf courses, retail stores, landscape contractors, and the professional lawn care industry.

Our founder, Garvin R. Williams (1913-2003) began in the lawn seed business by swinging a hand bluegrass stripper at the age of 17 years, and selling the seed at $0.04 per pound. In 1930 he became a bluegrass entrepreneur. During a 10 day summer harvesting period at Coffey, Missouri he purchased 20,000 pounds of hand-stripped seed that had been done by other men, women, and children. A hand-stripper that had been used, along with a write-up of that story, can be found at the National Agriculture Hall of Fame at Bonner Springs, Kansas.

Methods of seed gatherings gradually changed. The yields in harvest fields began to decrease in the four Midwestern states. Now, most lawn grass seed is grown in Oregon, Washingtion, and Idaho, according to varying needs in different areas. WLS sells this seed to golf courses, sod farms, nurseries, and retail stores.

WLS has supplied grass seed to golf course played during the PGA tours, professional and college football stadiums, as well as prominent retail stores located throughout the Midwest. Mr. Williams’ son, Leon, along with his partner, Steven Tubbs, are the current owners of Williams Lawn Seed.

Williams Lawn Seed
224 E South Hills Dr, Maryville, MO 64468
Winding Brook Turf

Winding Brook Turf is a family owned turf producer with more than 50 years of experience. Our team prides itself on providing the highest quality turf grass and the best service in New England. Our fleet of trucks, timely deliveries and focus on customer satisfaction will help you with any landscape, athletic, or golf project.

Winding Brook Turf
(207) 467-0745
1554 Alfred Rd Rte.111, Lyman, ME 04002