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3Tier Technologies

3Tier Technologies is a green science and technology company focused on developing innovative products, processes and applications featuring our breakthrough advances in humic acid and organic bio-polymer production, a revolutionary natural molecular transport system that is the foundation of all 3Tier products. Today, we manufacture and distribute the next generation of advanced products for turf, crops, bioremediation and environmental challenges providing a unique combination of ecological and economic benefits for challenged industries.

Headquartered in Longwood Florida, we meet the needs of customers worldwide through a distribution network reaching from North and Central America to Europe, Asia, Australia and beyond.

We are a technology driven company, but we remain firmly focused on the needs of the customers we serve. We measure our success in their success. We continue to meet their needs with ongoing research and product development, and an uncompromising commitment to the highest standards of service.

3Tier works in close partnership with our customers. Innovating natural solutions that are right for the times, we are creating new opportunities for all customers to succeed.

Our products and protocols outperform traditional products by a wide margin, offering a range of exclusive advantages available nowhere else. 3Tier does not use chemicals and is not petroleum based while being proudly manufactured solely in the United States.

Our regional and international distributors are staffed by knowledgeable consultants who can customize our full line of performance based products with programs custom tailored to the customer’s needs.

Whether you manage turf, grow crops, deal with a variety of environmental cleanup issues, 3Tier innovates solutions to today’s challenges and creates growing opportunities for tomorrow.

3Tier Technologies
(877) 226-7498
(877) 570-0072
250 National Place, Suite 142
Longwood, Florida 32750
Aqua Turf International, Inc

Aqua Turf International, Inc. was founded in 1996 with quality turf, landscape and golf course playability as its primary goals as well as economic and environmental responsibility.

Since then ATI has expanded and now has five offices and quality staff to serve all your irrigation needs anywhere around the world. We utilize the latest in software to assist in our landscape and golf course irrigation plans.

Over or under irrigating greatly detract from the golf experience as well as having a direct impact on the appearance of the turf quality and landscape as well as a tremendous affect on the playability of a golf course.

The need for environmental protection as well as economic and labor efficiency require properly designed, installed and operated irrigation systems. We specialize in:

Commercial and Landscape
Golf Courses
Athletic Fields and Parks
GPS Mapping

Whether you have an old system in need of improvement or a new construction Aqua Turf International can help ensure your Irrigation Quality worldwide. An ATI designed and planned irrigation system will:

Greatly Improve Turf and Landscape Health
Efficiently Utilize Power, Water and Labor
Enhance Golf Course Playability
Extend System Life

Our Mission is to ensure quality turf and irrigation standards that meet or exceed the customer’s agronomic, economic and environmental needs while operating in a timely, efficient and cooperative manner.

Decades of combined experience in irrigation design, construction and operation gives us the ability to design for almost any condition. Whether the application is the salt water in the Bahamas, elevation changes in the mountains of Utah or the desert of the Middle East, we have designed unique systems to meet these difficult challenges worldwide. ATI also has offices around the world staffed with qualified professional to meet your irrigation and water management needs.

Aqua Turf International
19940 Mona Road, Suite 2
Tequesta, FL 33469
Chemical Containers Inc

Chemical Containers, Inc. is the only manufacturer of all welded aircraft grade aluminum bodies in the United States. CCI incorporates structural extruded decking for maximum load capacities. We have a variety of Lawn and Tree Care standard units in addition to the ability to interact with the customer to create custom units that are tailored to their needs. Features include: Smooth finish corners, high mounted safety strobes, interior custom shelving and storage areas, curbside operator controls, and commercial grade locking aluminum roll up doors. We have literally hundreds of these units spread across the country that service communities for lawns, shrub and hedge, tall trees, root feeding, herbicide, and compost tea applications. Give us a call and we can provide you with a CAD drawing of your truck layout in 3D.

To provide our customers with industry leading service and products, Chemical Containers, Inc. draws on 30 years experience operating in the agricultural industry. We offer a complete line of agricultural liquid handling products and equipment including sprayers for the citrus, row crop, sod, aquatic, and nursery industries. We do not stop with just sprayers! We manufacture and provide herbicide booms, injection systems, and complete bulk fertilizer tank farms, fertilizer spreaders with and without variable rate technology, and polyethylene tanks. Along with a product line to serve the complete agricultural industry, we have the capability to design and custom build liquid handling products and equipment. This allows Chemical Containers, Inc. to continue to meet the emerging needs of the customer. If you have a need to contain, spray, pump or store liquid, allow our professional sales staff an opportunity to serve you!

Chemical Containers, Inc
413 ABC Road
Lake Wales, FL 33859
Color Flex

My father, John Bailey, a native of Sebring Florida and the founder of Bailey Enterprise now known as ColorFlex Inc. invented our patented flexible yardage/distance markers in1990 to help speed up play and assist golfers who were searching for sprinkler heads and fairway template markers.

My father retired as a Civil Engineer working for the Corp of Army Engineer and then the United States Air Force. When he retired from Civil Service in 1972 he became an avid golfer and became very frustrated searching for yardage markers in the golf course. He knew there had to be a better way.

Being the engineer that he was and a great problem solver he came up with the idea of a flexible marker that would be maintenance and player friendly. After several years and many sample markers our star shaped marker was born.

Over the years we have made some improvements such as the UV protector added to the material to keep the colors from fading. We have added two additional colors (green and orange) to support First Tee and play it forward.

It became a business my husband Charlie and I took over about ten years later as my father was then 86. Charlie and I are proud to now own Color-Flex Inc. and keep my father’s dream alive. We love our flexible golf distance markers and enjoy sharing them with golf courses all over the world.

(877) 453-3539
176 Talladega Trail, Pensacola, FL 32506
Designer Golf Company

Designer Golf provides services and products to golf properties both domestically and around the world. With the most extensive offering of golf course furnishings in the industry, Designer Golf’s products are used by many different types of golf course facilities.

Since 1984, we’ve built long-term relationships with some of the most renowned golf courses in the country. Whether you need custom golf signs with intricate logos or budget-friendly bag stands, we’ll work with you to perfect the products that reinforce the theme of your golf course and create a warm, welcoming environment for golfers and guests.

Because we design, manufacture and offer installation on our products, we are in sole control of quality, price and delivery time. None of our competitors can make that claim.

Unlike other suppliers, we manufacture all of our golf products ourselves at our Florida headquarters. Having complete control over the production process ensures that every order adheres to the highest quality standards and is competitively priced.

All of Designer Golf’s products are shipped with a stamp of excellence as evidence of our quality inspection. Use the contact information printed on the stamp to contact us with any questions about your product.

As a standard, all of our metal components are welded together, not mechanically fastened, so you won’t have to worry about items becoming loose or crooked. Welding results in superior, durable one-piece products that install quickly and are less likely to be scratched during installation. All metal components (cast bases, cast finials and posts) are constructed using rust-free, corrosion-resistant aluminum, a must for golf courses, where chemicals and fertilizers can attack and destroy steel components. Combined together, these features equal higher quality products that require less maintenance and last longer.

Designer Golf Company
13209 Byrd Drive,
Odessa, Florida 33556
Down To Earth, Inc.

We are a full service landscape company structured with the ability to take your project from raw land to completed project. We can handle every phase along the way. Customize, design/build landscape themes, design/build irrigation systems, professional maintenance coupled with fertilizer/pest control programs ensure a successful project from start to finish.

President Tony Huerta has been in the landscape business for over 25 years, and incorporated Down To Earth in 1989 with our corporate headquarters located in Mount Dora, Florida. In 1998 we opened our North Florida operation in Jacksonville. Since inception, our company has completed projects ranging from small residential to 5 million dollar commercial projects.

Michael Mosler Sr., Senior Partner, handles daily operations and production for Central Florida. Mike’s 25 years of experience in this field has developed a hands-on type of person who takes great pride in the finished product we deliver to our customers. Mike’s tremendous organizational skills and desire to serve allow us to complete our projects in a timely and professional fashion.

Bill Kinsey, North Florida Senior Partner handles daily operations. He brings 20 years of experience in the landscape/hardscape industry, golf course construction and maintenance. Bill’s ability to take a project from start to finish with customer satisfaction as priority one, has made Down To Earth the landscape company of choice in North Florida.

Down To Earth, Inc.
PO Box 738
Tangerine, Florida 32777
E.R. Jahna Industries, Inc

The challenge of providing customers predictible, high quality material at the exact moment of need is championed at all levels of the company. The senior management team is hands-on, implementing corporate policy through strong family values.Long-term critical planning is essential to successfully serving Florida’s construction, manufacturing and agricultural industries for the rest of this century. The Jahna family of companies is up to the challenge.

As one of Florida’s leading suppliers of aggregates, Jahna maintains mine and staging sites throughout the state. As with real estate, the value of your cost-effective basic materials is location, location, location. We understand that the closer you are to the supply, the less your shipping costs will be and the shorter your supply lines become. That’s a big reason our mines are close to the major growth areas.

The entire network of operations are directed from our corporate office conveniently located in the Downtown Lake Wales Historic District. In addition to our operating mines scattered throughout the state, Jahna maintains thousands of acres of mining reserves in current and future growth areas…..your assurance that quality Jahna products will always be close at hand.

The value is in location, location, location. And ours is always close to yours.

For over 50 years, Jahna has been known as the best source of quality sand in Florida. In fact, for over half a century our customers have called us “The Sand Man.” Let us turn your dreams of an endless supply of conservatively graded and fairly priced small aggregates into reality..

202 East Stuart Avenue
Lake Wales, Florida 33853
Ecologel Solutions LLC

We are Ecologel Solutions, LLC, a premier developer and manufacturer of innovative products for water conservation, plant nutrition, pond and lake management, anti-fungal coatings and much more.

In short, we want to change the world. Every company says that, but few possess the rare combination of opportunity, technology and desire to actually pull it off in a way that touches every person on earth.

What makes us different? Every product we manufacture, design and distribute, although they have different functions, they share a critically important thread… the conservation of water.

There is simply no more urgent mission than the preservation of our precious water resources. So how do we accomplish our goal? Simple…

Healthy plants use less water, healthy lawns keep the homes and business they surround cooler, which uses less energy, Our dust control products mean less water will be used to moisten road and construction sites. Antifungal sidewalk coatings dramatically reduce the need to pressure wash over and over, again, conserving water. Finally our flagship technology, Hydretain®, is the only technology of its kind that actually captures moisture in the soil otherwise lost to evaporation and passes it to the roots of plants, reducing the burden on irrigation.

Whether water, or energy, or labor or money, we ARE conservation, we are Ecologel.

Ecologel Solutions LLC
4060 SE 45th Court
Ocala, FL 34480
Erosion Restoration

Erosion Restoration, LLC is turn-key multi-discipline international design-build environmental company which focuses on erosion issues using non-structural, bio-engineering and bio-technical methods for shoreline restoration, erosion control and coast protection.

Established more than a decade ago we employ civil, structural, geo-technical, surveying, environmental and other professionals, providing viable customized solutions and highest level of service through innovation in engineering design, advancement and patenting of materials, scientific research and development of new construction technologies.

In Erosion Restoration, LLC. we are committed to helping each of our clients to achieve their objective while staying within budget by providing quality work in a timely manner. Over the years we have provided a level of service that goes beyond the norm. We have the expertise, resources, technology, and collaborative insight to create designs and solutions that far exceed our client’s expectations. Due to our extensive experience in resolving various erosion problems around the nation, Erosion Restoration is proud to guarantee 100% satisfaction on ALL projects.

Erosion Restoration’s comprehensive experience, outstanding responsiveness, and fiscal conscientiousness have made us innovative leaders in our industry. We have a proven track record of providing the best erosion control solutions to golf courses, country clubs, governmental agencies, municipalities, home owner associations, and other private entities nationwide.

Erosion Restoration
(954) 327-3300
5601 Powerline Road, # 306 Fort Lauderdale. FL 33309
ESD Waste2Water, Inc

Located in Central Florida, ESD Waste2Water, Inc. is a worldwide leader in industrial wastewater treatment and environmental remediation equipment.

We design, manufacture, install and service environmental protection systems for clients across the United States, Canada, Europe, South America and Australia.

ESD Waste2Water leads the industry with cutting edge technology and clever, low maintenance designs, backed by superior customer service.

Our Waste Water Systems and Waste Water Recycling service team is ready to help. Installation and Service With a talented service team that is second to none, ESD can install and service your environmental system to maximize system operation and performance.

Once the ESD Waste2Water Wastewater Systems or Wastewater Recycling system is installed and operational, ESD offers a comprehensive preventative maintenance program that includes a monthly visit by an ESD technician.

ESD can custom design and manufacture to your specifications. In addition, we also have equipment expertise and carry a standardized line of a variety of water treatment components and systems, such as:

Fixed-film bio remediation units
Oil / water separators
Air strippers
Air / water separators
Liquid & vapor phase carbon vessels
Bio-carbon remediation systems
Vapor extraction units
Air / bio-sparging systems
Dual phase extraction systems
Chemical storage buildings
Chemical mix / load systems
Portable and contained wash pads


ESD Waste2Water, Inc
495 Oak Road
Ocala, Florida 34472
Essential Green

Essential Green manufactures carbon-based plant nutrition. Our proprietary processes allow us to create a clean consistent solution that contains mineral plant nutrition that typically can’t be mixed together in the spray tank yet we are able to concentrate it in the jug. The micro cohesive technology process creates a uniform solution without separation. The pseudoelastict properties keep the mineral nutrient, organic acids, carbohydrates, polysaccharides, & the surfactant together in a homogeneous solution. Shake & pour. Consistency in the jug, in the tank & in the plant at the root where mother nature intended.

All of the Essential Green products are manufactured in the production facility located in Fort Myers. We formulate everything in house & do not use any subcontractors in our process. All of our raw ingredients not only are food grade when possible, but are sourced from manufacturers in the United States. No translation needed on our products.

Essential Green
(239) 313-7451
17131 Alico Center Rd, Unit 3
Fort Myers, Florida 33967
Fairway Stone

Fairway Stone has produced granite tee signs and markers for over 1,000 golf courses, parks, corporations and communities. We ship factory direct from Elberton, GA, the center of the U.S. monument industry. The use of specialized granite carriers ensures proper handling of the material from loading dock to your facility.

We hold the only patent in the industry and are proud to include our installation system on our pylon tee signs. We were awarded the patent number after careful study of the anchoring system and the setting instructions to ensure that the granite tee signs remain free of staining and stands straight and true for as long as the granite lasts.

Fairway Stone
(954) 873-0123
(904) 352-2370
318 Deer Run Drive S
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082
Florida Green Keepers

Florida Green Keepers, LLC is your complete landscape company. We can provide all of your landscaping, hardscaping, irrigation, monthly ground maintenance and nursery products. Our commitment to detail, quality and service has made Florida Green Keepers, LLC the supplier of choice for general contractors, property managers and homeowners in the Alachua County area since 1985.

When we say that we are “Your Complete Landscaping Company,” it’s because we understand Florida landscapes, which are unique and require an expert team of landscaping professionals. We are professionally trained and provide and an array of services as such installing patios and driveways to delivery of sod, mulch and plants.

Florida Green Keepers, LLC offers a complete solution for all of your landscaping needs, whether you do it yourself or work with one of our professionals.

1401 NW 53rd Ave. Gainesville, FL. 32609
GG Markers

GG Markers has been manufacturing the highest quality custom course accessories and signage for over 10 years.

We have lived the passion of producing pioneering products based upon our philosophy:

“If you can think of it, we can build it”

Our fully equipped 12,500 sq. ft. production complex allows us to provide innovative solutions designed to meet customer-specific needs. Our complex includes a graphic design studio, custom metal fabrication area and stone working plant.

We are committed to quality and service at a competitive price, and can stand behind our “Made in America” products.

GG Markers has been manufacturing the highest quality custom course accessories and signage for over 10 years.

We have lived the passion of producing pioneering products based upon our philosophy:

“If you can think of it, we can build it”

Our fully equipped 12,500 sq. ft. production complex allows us to provide innovative solutions designed to meet customer-specific needs. Our complex includes a graphic design studio, custom metal fabrication area and stone working plant.

We are committed to quality and service at a competitive price, and can stand behind our “Made in America” products.

GG Markers
4815 N. Coolidge Avenue
Tampa, FL 33614
Global Turf

Global Turf Equipment carries the largest selection of pre-owned and off-lease used golf course equipment worldwide. We offer late-model industry leading brands such as Toro, Jacobsen, John Deere, Club Car, Turfco and more! We have over 35,000 square feet of indoor storage and more than 650 pieces of turf machinery; such as, aerators, blowers and vacuums, fairway mowers, greens and tee mowers, greens rollers, rotary deck mowers, rough mowers, top dressers and spreaders, turf sprayers, trap rakes, turf tractors, turf management equipment, and golf course utility vehicles.

Global Turf Equipment also offers an industry-leading refurbishing process. Our team of service technicians completely disassembles and rebuilds the sports turf or golf course machine before delivery. The result is a refurbished machine that runs and looks LIKE NEW! We have shipped used turf equipment to more than 80 countries worldwide and all 50 US states. As the USA’s largest exporter of pre-owned golf course equipment, we have the expertise to ship any size order to anywhere in the world. whether you’re searching for used turf equipment; such as a utility vehicle or a sand pro, you can count on Global Turf Equipment to provide you with the very best pre-owned used golf course maintenance equipment in the industry.

Global Turf
30434 Commerce Drive San Antonio, FL 33576
Golf Agronomics Supply & Handling

Golf Agronomics Supply & Handling (GASH) a custom soil blending company with
12 production facilities in the Southeastern United States, serves many of the finest golf courses in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. We provide soils, sands and blends for golf course superintendents, builders, and architects with top quality service and results.

At Golf Agronomics, we know that individualized service is important. This is why GASH professionals will custom-blend top dressing, bunker sand or greens mix to fit your specific course requirements. Our state of the art, computer-controlled equipment ensures soil or sand compositions meet your precise needs.

As part of our commitment to quality, our sands and custom blends undergo regular analysis and are run through custom calculations to ensure adherence to USGA specifications. Your purchase from Golf Agronomics benefits turf grass research through our company’s annual donations to the industry.

To date, Golf Agronomics Supply & Handling has given more than $125,000 to the golf course superintendents associations of Florida and the Carolinas, as well as the Florida Turf grass Association.

Whether you need to build, re-build, improve or maintain the excellence of your turf, you can count on GASH.

There is nothing ordinary about the mixes from GASH. Each order is customized and prepared with precision to your specifications in our fully computerized soil blending equipment. Our ability to custom tailor each mix ensures that you are receiving the most appropriate mix for the needs of your golf course. And with our double screening capabilities, you can be sure that your first load of mix is the same as your last.

2165 17th Street
Sarasota, FL 34234
Golf Car Connection

Golf Car Connection is an authorized Yamaha golf cart and Motrec industrial vehicle dealer. We offer Yamaha, Motrec and other popular golf cart brands including Club Car and EZ-GO for sale, lease, and export since 1981.

We also offer one-user Pre-owned industrial and municipal vehicles such as buses, trolleys, ambulances and more. Contact us for more information.

Golf Car Connection is the export expert for new and pre-owned golf carts and golf cart parts including Yamaha, Club Car, EZ-GO golf carts and Motrec Utility Vehicles.

We repair Yamaha, Club Car, EZ-GO golf carts and Motrec utility vehicles at our Pompano Beach, FL location. In addition to providing golf cart service and repairs on Yamaha, Club Car, EZ-GO and Motrec, we can often obtain golf cart parts for discontinued golf cart brands nationally and internationally.

Yamaha, Club Car and EZ-GO golf carts are available in 2-seater, 4-seater and 6-seater golf cart configurations. Yamaha offers a selection of utility vehicles. Motrec utility vehicles are customized to meet your needs. Motrec utility and industrial vehicles can be used indoors and outdoors at your facility as a burden carriers, ambulances, tow vehicles, passenger and luggage transports and much more. Learn more about pre-owned ambulances, trolleys, buses and other municipal vehicles.

You can see Yamaha, Club Car and EZ-GO golf carts and Motrec vehicles from the Golf Car Connection at car dealers, flea markets, schools, airports, condominiums, shopping centers and malls, ports, factories, trailer parks, amusement parks, marinas and golf courses all around the world. New and pre-owned golf carts, industrial, utility and municipal vehicles are available for export from the ports of Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Dania, Florida.

Buy or lease a Yamaha, Club Car and EZ-GO golf cart. We provide Yamaha, Club Car & EZ-GO golf carts for event rentals to serve your needs. Golf Car Connection golf carts have served the event needs of the Southeast Florida Alzheimer Association, National Football League [Super Bowl events], Major League Baseball Stadiums, Viscaya Museum & Gardens, political and charity fundraisers, picnics, special occasions and filming locations.

Golf Car Connection golf carts are used for security cars at shopping centers and malls, condominiums, universities, racetracks, parking facilities and more, nationally and internationally.

GolfCar Connection
20 SW 5th Court
Pompano Beach, FL 33060
Golf Car Systems

isit the premier provider of golf cart services and sales in the entire Tampa Bay region. Shop from one of the largest inventories of golf carts in the entire state. Work with the company that’s provided repair, maintenance, and remanufacturing to Pinellas, Pasco, and Hillsborough counties since 1973.

Golf Car Systems
5325 140th Avenue North
Clearwater, FL 33760
Green Technologies LLC

GreenEdge fertilizers are superior products for customers seeking to increase crop yields in a cost-effective manner as well as improve moisture retention to limit water use. GreenEdge slow-release fertilizers with organic nitrogen are specially formulated to provide effective nutrient release for all of your agricultural needs.

Our company sales representatives and distribution partners are fully dedicated to serving commercial customers. Residential customers can buy GreenEdge products through online retailers, like homedepot.com and amazon.com, as well as Ace Hardware stores in central and northeast Florida.

GreenEdge® commercial formulations are used in some of the nation’s renowned golf courses. Benefits to using Green Edge® include:

Small granules that won’t interfere with golf courses and playing fields
Variety of formulations to fit your course and green landscaping needs
Particles hold ten times their weight in water retaining moisture in the soil, so you can water less often
Particles break down completely and release 100% of the natural nutrients, so you can use less fertilizer
Replenishes the soil with essential nutrients while adding organic matter
Prevents leeching and run-off, which positively impacts the environment

Currently used by more than 100 golf courses throughout Florida, including:

Royal Poinciana Golf Club
Club Pelican Bay
Olde Florida Golf Club
Red Stick Golf Club
Sawgrass Country Club
Quail West
San Jose

GreenEdge® fertilizers are available in 50 lb. bags, or in 1000 lb. or 2000 lb. “supersacks” for large-scale applications.

Green Technologies LLC
(352) 379-7780
5050 Conference Way N,
Boca Raton, FL 33431
Howard Fertilizer and Chemical Co

It’s a classic case of success breeds success. By providing products and service that help our customers grow, we too have grown, and now serve 12 states stretching from Louisiana to Virginia. For you, the customer, our expanded reach means quality Howard fertilizers and chemicals are now closer than ever, saving you time and money on every purchase. This, along with the unsurpassed quality of our products and service from the industry’s most experienced, knowledgeable sales representatives, is another reason to choose Howard for all your fertilizer and chemical needs.

The key to success at Howard Fertilizer and Chemical Co. is the service-oriented attitude towards our customers. We produce and distribute quality products, at competitive prices, with the best delivery turnaround time in the industry. Our diverse portfolio of products, service the Agriculture, Turf and Ornamental, Pest Control and Retail/Export markets. Additionally, Howard is equipped with the most experienced and knowledgeable sales force in the Southeast.

8306 S. Orange Ave
Orlando, FL 32809
Humate International

The two most important components of your soil are a high-energy organic material and a balanced, active microbial population.  Feed this soil with low-salt, natural nutrients and you have an efficient, effective, and eco-friendly growing environment.  These are the products that Humate International produces and sells.  Our granular and liquid HUMATEs are the highest energy organics commercially available and our BIOSYST microbial inoculants and support materials were the first to identify and fill the need for a broad-based and effective microbial soil environment.


The unique characteristics and benefits of our HUMATE and BIOSYST products are many, but the most significant are that they:

Complex nutrients and trace minerals to release them from the soil colloid.
Improve the uptake of nutrients through plant roots and leaves.
Build soil structure to eliminate layering and improve air and water movement.
Reduce the pressure from pathogens and insects.
Stimulate microbial activity to create a more active, “living” soil.
Cleanse the soil of toxins, both natural and man-made.
Eliminate the extremes of too much or too little soil moisture.


The HUMATE organics and BIOSYST microbial products from Humate International provide efficient nutrients in both granular and liquid forms and a broad spectrum of active and effective microorganisms. The results are a properly balanced soil, deep and massive root systems, and healthy, stress-resistant plants with the correct balance of nutrients and trace minerals.  These plants have an increased resistance to external stresses from pathogens and insects, require less nutrient inputs and water, and grow faster to a marketable size.

Humate International
6633 Stuart Avenue
Jacksonville, Florida 32254
Lake and Wetland Management, Inc

Lake and Wetland Management, Inc, is a full service environmental resource management team that has been providing the highest level of service since 1992. Our family of State-certified, trained biologists have been providing environmental services for waterways, wetland management, lake management and natural areas throughout Florida, leading the industry of environmental services. We have an exemplary reputation with many government agencies, builders, developers, property managers and homeowner associations.

We have 10 offices that are spread out in South Florida to cover any area that a wetland, lake, or pond needs to be managed. All of the offices specializes in the requirements and laws of the environment. Our main Lake and Wetland Management office in Boynton Beach is where we locally train all of our staff and own our own nursery that grows both aquatic and land plants.

Our staff goes into everywhere from overgrow shrubbery to the deepest parts of lakes to perform the tasks needed to ensure overall quality of a wetland. We are is fully insured, carrying coverage to protect our customers, including workman’s compensation, liability and property damage.

The erosion of many lakefront shorelines incurs great costs of both beauty and ecology. Here at Lake and Wetland Management, we specialize in preventing these losses, and the only product we trust to get the job done is Shoresox erosion control.

The Shoresox system is not only an industry leader in erosion control, but it is also the most eco-friendly and adaptable solution. Bio-engineered to immediately curb erosion and stabilize the shoreline, Shoresox allows us to restore your lakefronts and waterways to their former health and aesthetic appeal!

(561) 735 – 3732
(561) 735 – 0516
9218 87th Place South
Boynton Beach, FL 33472
Lake Masters

Lake Masters Aquatic Weed Control, Inc., one of Florida’s largest lake management companies, is a stable, yet constantly growing, company that attributes its success to its people and its concern for the welfare of its customers. Lake Masters’ main business is providing lake management and aquatic weed control services for its customers. That means having knowledge of the needs of its customers and the best available tools for serving those needs. We can do that because our people are highly experienced, stay up to date on emerging technologies, and are dedicated to providing the highest levels of customer service in the areas of lake weed control, pond algae control, etc.

Lake Masters has put together a team of employees with hundreds of years of combined experience. In addition, we attend educational seminars and meetings that allow us to be knowledgeable about any new techniques or herbicides that become available. We also participate in helping educate others in our industry so that we can share what we have learned and help improve our industry as a whole. These efforts, along with our experience has led to Lake Masters being recognized for excellence, and led to Bill Kurth, our Director of Operations, receiving several awards, including Best Management Practices in 2005, Applicator of the Year in 2007, and Sustainable Leadership in 2010 from SePRO Corporation, the leader in research and development of aquatic herbicides in the United States. Lake Masters has also participated in national advisory panels and conference calls with the EPA to help promote our industry. Lake Masters is dedicated to providing clean, healthy lakes for the good of our customers and our environment.

(877) 745-5729
(772) 220-6603
P.O. Box 2300
Palm City, FL 34991
Landscape Products, Inc

Landscape Products Inc. is a family owned and operated company.  We have been producing landscape supplies and covering Florida since 1984. We started packaging by hand, producing 200-500 bags per week. Within our first 6 months of business the first bagging machine in the south was purchased that helped produce up to 6,000 bags per day. We were supplying feed stores to box stores, at that time Builders Square, and Scotty’s were mulch bags was done by weight which was 30 lbs. Soon our packaging went to 2 cu ft. which many follow as today’s standard practice.

Landscape Products Inc. started producing their own mulches in 1996, and produced the first colored (RED) mulch in 1997, introducing it to Home Depot in January 1998, where it then was a part of the Florida landscape in the south. Landscape Products Inc. then produced Gold, Black and Brown mulches that beautify a landscape and colorant that lasts a full year.

Landscape Products Inc. now manufactures, packages and ships over 20 different landscaping ground covers throughout Florida and the Caribbean, beautifying the landscape, making long lasting relationships which continue for many seasons. Landscape Products Inc. has many distributers throughout the state, and our products have been on these shelves over the years–Publix, Winn-Dixie, Home Depot, and Wal-Mart.  Also, many amusement parks bring long lasting safe materials to our environment. Thanks from Landscape Products Inc. for letting us be a part of your projects year after year.

Landscape Products, Inc
1208 NW 10th Ave, Okeechobee, FL 34972
Lawn and Turf Equipment Pros

Providing you with Top Quality Used Turf Equipment and Pre-Owned Professional Lawn Equipment is our number one goal!. We have been serving the Grounds Keeping and Golf Course Maintenance Industry since 1992.

1514 County Rd 621 E, Lake Placid, FL 33852
Mid Florida Golf Cars

Mid Florida Golf Cars is one of the oldest and largest golf car dealers and rental fleet providers in the United States.

With headquarters in Orlando, and four additional Florida locations, our business reaches well beyond the state line to work with customers throughout the United States. We provide golf car sales and rentals to individuals, Fortune 100 companies and all types of customers in between.

Mid Florida Golf Cars is an authorized dealer for: EZ-GO (Diamond Dealer), Club Car, Yamaha, Cushman and Carryall.

Mid Florida Golf Cars
(813) 643-1999
(813) 651-9744
1611 S.R. 60 East
Valrico, Florida 33594
Mid-America Mulch

Mid-America Mulch is America’s leading supplier of premium mulch products exclusively for the lawn and garden industry.

Founded in 1988 by Al Rickert, Mid-America Mulch has been serving landscaping professionals for over 20 years. In 2011, Al passed the business over to his son, who has the expertise and knowledge passed down from his family in the landscaping industry. Mid-America takes pride in serving America’s landscaping needs and their team who make it all possible to better serve you. We understand the importance of keeping stock available for your clients and will make sure you have what you need, when you need it.

Mid-America Mulch, Inc. specializes in shipping top quality cypress mulches, pine mulches, and cedar mulches directly from the mill to landscaping professionals and retailers in a quick and competitive manner.

Mid-America also carries complimentary lines of landscape products to meet the needs of their customers.Mid-America Mulch’s production capabilities allow them to have a consistent supply of product to meet the needs of their customers throughout the season, with a variety of products and labels to choose from. This flexibility allows their customers to customize their delivery by choosing from a diverse mix of mulches to form 1/2 of full truckload orders and meet inventory requirements.

By shipping products directly from the mill, Mid-America Mulch offers competitive pricing on their entire product line. To get started, it is required that you complete a credit application. Based on credit approval, you may be eligible for our seasonal savings.

Mid-America Mulch’s vast product availability, a variety of mills and our extensive trucking network give us the ability to quickly respond to their customer delivery requirements. All deliveries will receive 24 Hr. notice and any delivery inquiries can be quickly resolved by contacting us.

Mid-America Mulch
(800) 345.2275
2423 Manatee Ave. W.
Bradenton, FL 34205

ParCar, also known as Columbia ParCar, is part of the Nordic Group of Companies, a family-owned management and manufacturing business headquartered in Baraboo, Wisconsin with manufacturing operations extending throughout the United States, Mexico, and Europe and includes Flambeau and Seats Incorporated, leaders in their respective industries. The Nordic Group believes a fiscally conservative approach to business and managed growth leads to long-term sustainability. These ideals as well as our founder’s core values of; family, integrity, leadership, teamwork, knowledge and excellence permeate our organization and day-to-day decisions.

Our product line’s heritage stretches back to 1946, making Columbia the most experienced manufacturer in its field, and has been cared for by such well-known brands as Westinghouse and Harley Davidson.

American workers in Reedsburg, Wisconsin assemble each of Columbia’s products with a focus on producing vehicles with the longest life-cycle in the industry. Using the highest quality materials available, Columbia’s energy efficient vehicles will serve our customers well for years to come. We believe a product that lasts longer reduces our overall impact on the environment. With this same concern for the environment in mind, Columbia is one of a handful of vehicle manufacturers committed to exclusively building Pure Electric vehicles. As we work to reduce our overall impact on the environment, it is encouraging to know our final product is propelled by the cleanest commercially viable energy source with zero tailpipe emissions. All of Columbia’s manufacturing processes are in compliance with each applicable governing body’s most stringent requirements.

As compared to its competitors, Columbia’s vehicles include:

Steel frames and bodies that utilize thicker gauged steel (longer-life)
The most robust drive motor (better operation in hot/harsh environments)
The most efficient power control system (more usable range on a charge)
The most efficient charger (less energy used to charge vehicle)
Intelligent energy recovery braking (wasted energy recycled to recharge batteries)
Easily programmable performance characteristics (only energy actually needed is expended)

While all of Columbia’s vehicles are designed to operate as efficiently as possible in their respective environments, vehicles that will be operated on public roads meet or exceed all applicable NHTSA standards. Columbia has received the highest rating possible, a 10 out of 10, for our global warming and smog scores on the environmental performance label issued by CARB (California Air Resource Board). This is significant, as a typical internal combustion vehicle only receives a 5 out of 10 for both these ratings.

2505 Industrial Street
Leesburg, FL 34748
Perma Grass Inc

Perma Grass Inc., corporated on August 4, 1998 under the name “World Turf Inc.” an upscale product distribution company which served Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. in Florida. It’s management got it’s roots in the synthetic grass industry in January 1999 as a distributor. After realizing the demand and how viable the product was, we decided to get involved with the local/domestic retail and installations of artificial grass.

InstaGrass, Inc. merged with ALL-PRO TURF in early 2000 in an effort to create community awareness as to the beauty as well as the environmental value of artificial grass. Also, there are the safety features provided by synthetic turf in protecting our young children from serious injury on their playgrounds and competitive fields of sports activity.

ALL-PRO TURF also intends to expand its horizons as a totally oriented artificial grass surfacing company with special emphasis on the School, Day Care, and the Playground industry as well as home lawns and the vast usage of artificial grass as cosmetic greenery for all other business establishments. Another goal of the company is to persue a program of Network Marketing by establishing a “Distributorship” organization on a National & International basis.

Through our commitment, experiance, and expertise ALL-PRO TURF has established a business relationship with our customers that will last a lifetime!

Perma Grass
(305) 646-1220
11261 Douglas Dr.
Miami, Florida 33176
Putnals Premium Pine Straw

utnals Premium Pine Straw, Inc. is one of the largest suppliers of quality wholesale and bulk pine straw in the United States. Since 1971, we have been providing premium pine straw to our customers in the landscaping, nursery and other industries with the best pine straw available.

We are based in Mayo, Florida in the heart of pine straw country. We partner with local landowners to harvest top-grade pine straw, hand raked, cleaned and inserted into our balers by hand to ensure the highest quality. The extra effort we put into providing a superior product and our dedication to customer service is the reason so many businesses across the United States only trust Putnals for their pine straw.

As a wholesale supplier, Putnals Premium Pine Straw service many businesses in need of pine straw including landscapers, landscape supply, wholesale and retail nurseries, schools, garden centers, golf courses, apartments, condominiums, municipalities, and any other business in need of bulk pine straw. To meet the needs of our customers, we offer two bale sizes, wholesale truckload orders and pine straw delivery.

In addition to our wholesale pine straw product, we also offer contract pine straw spreading for our customers. Our professional crews are efficient and meticulous, saving businesses time and money off pine straw spreading.

(800) 462-1795
(386) 294-2499
4987 East U.S. 27
Mayo, Florida 32066
Red Bay Sand

Red Bay Sand has been in business for over twenty five years providing products and services to North Florida and South Alabama.
The Sand Division of Red Bay is the area’s premier source for green divot sand, topdress sand, bunker sand, utility sand, masonry sand and other types of specialty sand including filter sand and well rock.
Topdressing and greens construction blends that are available including but not limited to: Dakota Peat, Sphagnum Moss and Peat, and a Profile blend.
   ► Red Bay delivers:
• Golf Course Sand
• Gravel
• Fill Dirt
• River Rock
• Sand
   ► Red Bay does all types of excavations

Red Bay Sand
501 Sand Plant Rd.
Ponce de Leon, FL 32455
SaberTooth Golf

SaberTooth Golf has pioneered a number of key performance enhancing improvements in bunker rake design, durability, and functionality during the past 20 years.

Sabertooth is the most durable bunker rake in golf. The “Classic” features a 16 inch head, 4 foot or 4 1/2 foot fiberglass handle, and super durable golf grip. For professional hand maintenance, the “Super Pro” features an extra wide 26 inch “No Ruts” head and 5 1/2 foot handle for grounds crew maintenance and is available with a 4 1/2 foot handle. The “Economy” is the best value rake in the business, with a 15 inch head, and 4 or 4 1/2 foot handle. All rakes can be ordered with an end cap, one-hand grip, or golf grip. In 2011, the golf car rake with “No-Grip” handle was introduced.
Stickers saying “Leave Inside Bunker” or “Leave Outside Bunker” are free with your rake order.

All heads and tines are made of high impact ABS and are practically indestructible
The rakes are reversible for fine smoothing and can be pushed or pulled
Only Sabertooth offers “No Splinter” handles
Our unique golf grip resists chemicals and is thicker and stronger to last longer

SaberTooth Golf
(800) 664-3545
(866) 300-6880
920 9th Street South, Suite B
Jacksonville Beach, Fl 32250
SMR Farms

In 1922, The Uihlein family, founders of the Schlitz Brewing Company, acquired over 48 square miles of land east of I-75 in Manatee and Sarasota counties, at the southern reaches of the greater Tampa Bay area. The Uihleins pursued timber and ranching activities on the property creating what is today Schroeder-Manatee Ranch, Inc. (SMR). Over the intervening years, SMR has expanded to include the award-winning master-planned community of Lakewood Ranch, SMR Aggregates, The Sarasota Polo Club, and the diversified agricultural operations of SMR Farms (f/k/a SMR Turf & Trees).

At SMR Farms, we grow Florida better than anyone else! As part of SMR, we have more than 80 years of experience as a leader in Florida agribusiness. With over 31,000 acres as a starting point, SMR Farms produces sod and improved turfgrasses, containerized and field-grown trees, premium Brangus and hybrid cattle, and citrus for both the juice and fresh-fruit markets. Over those years, SMR Farms has earned a reputation for quality in everything it does, and our customers buy with the confidence that comes from knowing that we have the experience, resources and personnel to stand behind our products and services.

Beyond the business, SMR Farms has been a leader in environmental stewardship and water management. Whether it is preservation of sensitive habitat, extensive use of alternative water sources or implementation of Best Management Practices, SMR Farms has been well out front in making natural resource management a part of every land-management decision.

SMR Farms
(941) 708-3322
4715 Lorraine Road, Lakewood Ranch, FL 34211
Southern Agricultural Insecticides, Inc

Southern Agricultural Insecticides, Inc. was started in the 1930’s headed by Hans Diem. During this time, crop dusting by hand was the most common method of pesticide application. Custom dust blends included ingredients such as Sulfur, Copper, Pyrethrin and Rotenone. Personnel and equipment was often moved between locations in Florida, South Carolina and North Carolina to maintain a year round business. The company was incorporated in 1947. John Diem joined the business after a servicing the war stateside in explosives manufacturing. SA-50 became the company’s trademark because 0.5% pyrethrin dust was the flagship product. The four blocks on the logo represented the Swiss flag. In the later part of the 1940’s the company started to distribute and formulate many of the newer products that were being developed by such companies as Bayer, Ciba, Dow and Dupont. In the 1960’s and 1970’s many of the customers were vegetable farms and feed stores. In the 1980’s, the business expanded into supplying pesticides and fertilizer products for turf, ornamental and garden centers. The company is still owned and operated by the founding family.

Southern AG supplies pesticides, fertilizers, potting media and related products in the Southeast United States. Our sales staff specializes in retailing, turf and ornamental production. Local delivery may be available. Delivery via UPS, Fedex or commercial carriers is also available. SOUTHERN AG Pro products are sold by many dealers throughout the country. Hundreds of national brand products are in stock or can be sources from coop partners.

(941) 722-3285
(941) 723-2974
7400 Bayshore Road
Rubonia, FL 34221
Statewide Turf Equipment

With experienced technicians in our service department, dedicated inventory and internet specialists, a knowledgable sales staff, our investment in quality people and quality products ensures that our commitment to high standards is extended to our customers through our consistent and dependable service.

At Statewide Turf Equipment we feel that these services to our customer all fit under the umbrella we call the Statewide Solution. Whether you are looking for used Toro, Jacobsen, John Deere or any other type of used turf equipment, our goal is to provide you the best possible product and assistance with any benefits such as wholesale and serviced pricing options, financing, or locating equipment, all while staying within the budget you’ve set for purchasing your used turf equipment or golf course maintenance equipment needs.

The end result for you, our customers, is our used turf equipment and golf course maintanence equipment exceeds the standard of quality, reliability, and appearance of most of our competitors. We stand behind all of our equipment that goes through our service facility by providing a 90 Day Limited Warranty on all items sold. Statewide Turf is experienced in both domestic shipping and international shipping and have been an outstanding member of both the GCSAA and the Better Business Bureau, Florida for many years. Thank you for taking the time to include Statewide Turf Equipment as your provider of quality pre-owned, off lease, used turf equipment, or golf course maintenance equipment.

Statewide Turf Equimpment
(866) 798-8731
2740 Leonard Reid Ave
Sarasota, FL 34234
Stenten’s Golf Cart Accessories

Back in the early 80’s Marilyn Stenten was working for a company that sold Bimini tops for boats and enclosures for golf carts Marilyn was first introduced to the golf cart industry. Coming from Ohio Marilyn couldn’t conceive how you would enclose a golf cart but after sometime calling on the great golf car dealers in Florida she quickly learned with their help. While building these friendships she learned that there really wasn’t a place for the dealers to buy parts specific for the golf carts at the time the dealers were forced to go to auto supply stores or fabricate their own accessories. So, with a lot of determination she decided to fill this rising need and opened Stenten’s Golf Cart Accessories in 1986. With a one-bedroom condo full of coolers from floor to ceiling the business was off and running and now Stentens offers over 5,000 parts and accessories and our inventory is growing regularly.

Stenten’s is family owned and operated with a strong emphasis on customer service. We will always do our best for our dealers. In this fast paced times we are living in, it is sometimes easy to forget about the way business should be and focus too much on the bottom dollar. At Stenten’s we will do our best to get you the product or answer you need. Our team is a very close-knit group and we have weekly meetings to make sure our entire staff is up to date on the latest parts & issues facing our dealers today.

2785 Commerce Pkwy, North Port, FL 34289

Humans, including golfers have innate survival skills that has taught us to always look in a hole before we put our hand in it. Based in Florida, Tapinz, LLC offers outdoor advertising and branding on the greens of the golf course. Placing your brand or message on this pristine area of golf courses will constantly promote your business to the DMA’s you desire. Use our cups, flags and tee box markers to gain extra revenue and recognition for charitable tournaments, or fund raising events. It’s 18 hole-in-ones! We have more than five years of experience enhancing brands on the greens. Give us a call today! Tapinz, LLC is a member of the Lakeland Area Chamber of Commerce

In addition to providing innovative advertising venues, The Tapinz is the world’s only permanent and retractable fairway distance, hazard, or boundary marker. Tap down on our marker as it retracts into the underground service module, never lose a marker again! Make your promotions, company or events known during tournaments. Target marketing supplies and products for productions fundraising and charities to increase your brand awareness.

(800) 696-0817
102 NE 1st Avenue
Mulberry, FL 33860
The Lake Doctors, Inc

The Lake Doctors is a 37 year old company devoted to the care and service of lakes and ponds. Some of the services include Aquatic Weed Control and Algae Control, Fountain and Aerator Sales & Service, Fish Stocking, Aquascaping and Wetland Services, Water Clarification, Lake Mapping, and Consulting Services. The Lake Doctors has developed into one of the largest water management companies in the US with 10 service locations. Our major water management customers include Homeowners Associations, Golf Course Communities, Commercial Properties and Business Parks, Condominium Associations, Apartment Communities, Mobile Home Communities, Local and City Government, and private Lake and Pond Owners.

The Lake Doctors, Inc. is a 35-year-old full service aquatic management firm devoted to providing a variety of services for lakes, ponds and other bodies of water. Services include weed and algae control, fountains, aeration systems, fish stocking, mosquito control, water testing, beneficial aquatic plants, mitigation services and water clarification.

The Lake Doctors, Inc
3543 State Road 419
Winter Springs, FL 32708
Tour Links

Tour Links greens are extremely durable, weather resistant, UV protected and color safe. These rugged panels weigh an average of only 7 lbs. each making them easy to ship or store. Best of all, they provide the feel of a real putting surface so when you practice on Tour Links, you see the results on the course.

Build a green and leave it permanently or move it from one location to another. Tour Links makes it easy to practice whenever and wherever you want.

One of the biggest misconceptions about the Tour Links panel system is that it would appear to be impossible for these rigid flat panels to be able to adjust to the existing terrain and create realistic contours. In essence, to mimic what you would find on an actual golf course. Once you step on our Tour Links greens you’ll become a believer.

Tour Links
5030 Seminole Blvd.
St. Petersburg, FL 33708
Turf Equipment Center

Turf Equipment Center has been servicing the Charlotte County area and beyond for over 18 years. The owner has 32 years of experience in sales and service of outdoor power equipment.

Turf Equipment Center Inc is your local dealer of commercial landscape and vegetation equipment. We offer the best-selling brands of mowing and outdoor power equipment for the landscape professional. As an authorized dealer, we can provide you with Original Parts and a trained service staff to handle all of your equipment needs. Please browse our website for sales and service of the best brands in the industry.

Turf Equipment Center
(941) 257-4220
23111 Foster Avenue Suite A
Port Charlotte, FL 33980
Turf Equipment Solutions, Inc

Turf Equipment Solutions is Southwest Florida’s best choice for new and used turf equipment, turf maintenance and turf consulting.

Whether it’s custom verticutting, fairway aeration, custom fairway topdressing, hydro-jecting, or any other specialized turf service, we can do it all and are dedicated to the highest level of professional service and care for you turf.

When it comes to late model or pre-owned turf equipment, we offer the best prices and the best quality. Save money by purchasing completely refurbished turf equipment that looks and performs “like new”. Our inventory includes fairway mowers, greens mowers, aerators, utility vehicles, top dressers, turf sprayers, bunker rakes, and more.

Turf Equipment Solutions
(239) 910-7367
110080 Intercom Drive #7
Fort Myers, FL 33913
Turf-Tec International

Turf-Tec International is the leading manufacturer of diagnostic turfgrass, environmental and infiltration tools in the world

Turf-Tec International is the leading manufacturer of diagnostic turfgrass tools and environmental test equipment in the world. We invent, design and manufacture Soil Samplers, Moisture Meters, Infiltration Test equipment and many other diagnostic tools.

Turf-Tec International was started by the late Tom Mascaro in 1976 to manufacture tools that would benefit the Golf Course Superintendents and Sports Turf Managers in their everyday maintenance. Turf-Tec International is now headed by John Mascaro, who joined the company in 1987 and is Tom’s son who is carrying on the family tradition of introducing innovative tools to aid the superintendent. John is also well known for writing the “John Mascaro’s Photo Quiz” in Golf Course Management Magazine, which is one of the most respected trade publications in the world of Golf Course Management and the official publication of the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA). This monthly feature is a photographic question and answer section with photos of common turfgrass problems and their sometimes surprising answers. The article “John Mascaro’s Photo Quiz” also is run in the official publication of the Sports Turf Managers Association of America (STMA) called SportsTurf Magazine.

Tom Mascaro was best known as the inventor of the Aerifier in 1946 and the Verti-Cut in 1955. These inventions have become standard management practices on every golf course and athletic field in the world.

Turf-Tec International
(850) 580-4026
(850) 580-4027
1471 Capital Circle NW, # 13
Tallahassee, FL. 32303
Vortex Granular Systems

We offer a complete line of patented granular application products. Vortex spreaders eliminate most hand application of granular product, utilizing positive airflow to propel granular material to the desired area. Applications include ornamental plant beds, containers, in-ground nursery material, waterways and ice-melt applications. Our TR, TR Aquatic, and SPX come standard with Electronic Valve On/Off control!

Vortex granular blowers are being used at the largest theme parks in the United States, by major maintenance, pest control and fertilization companies, as well as municipalities, aquatic weed control districts, park services, in-ground nurseries and individual owner operator companies.

Vortex spreaders apply fertilizers, pre-emergent herbicides, ice melt products, granular growth regulators, aquatic herbicides and almost any granular or pelletized products used in an outdoor setting. All Vortex units are designed and constructed with stainless steel, aluminum or plastic to withstand the corrosive materials used in the fertilization, aquatic herbicide and snow and ice removal markets.

The Patented Javelin Precision Applicator™ is the solution to make the family of Vortex units complete. This attachment is compatible with the full product line as a zero velocity applicator for very small areas, tree rings and container material.

Vortex Granular Systems
5100 NE 27th Terrace, Lighthouse Point, FL 33064
Wesco Turf

Wesco Turf, Inc. was created in 1987 when William (Bill) Gamble III purchased Wesco Zaun from the Toro Company. Bill joined Wesco with a background in the hardware business, most recently as Vice President of sales and marketing, and part of the leveraged buyout group that bought McCulloch Chain Saw from Black and Decker. Prior to that Bill had a long career with Rockwell and Porter-Cable power tools.

Bill came to Wesco with a simple philosophy. “If you take care of your customers and associates, the business will take care of itself.” Superior parts and customer service has been the hallmark of our company. We hire great people and put them in the right job. We manage to have some fun as well.

‘Pride in excellence’ summarizes our company culture. It sounds cliché until you learn that Wesco has won over 100 awards from our vendors, including ‘distributor of excellence’ from Toro four times. Our people want and expect to win. Wesco’s business has evolved from a consumer product based business reliant on the power equipment dealer channel to one that is largely golf and grounds driven. The explosive home development growth in Southwest Florida over the past 20 years fueled an unprecedented number of golf courses being built. Wesco was in the right place at the right time… offering the right products and services.

Wesco Turf
2101 Cantu Ct,
Sarasota, FL 34232